From concept to reality - we bring your moving content idea to life.

From creative consulting, over story development to director ´ s interpretation our creatives know how to bring out the best ideas.

Automotive Visualizations

You have no car available and/or no time for a shooting our CGI specialists create stunning and absolute photorealistic outcome.

Product Visualizations

Creation of an individual digital twin to be used for any kind of film project.

Future Content Production

Technology is developing constantly and so do we. Realtime Engine based productions open new possibilities in our offering.

Character Animations

real or fictional in any case 100% photorealistic.

Technical Animations

You want to visualize the inner values of your cars, products, tools or machines we visualize highly complex technical issues in a simple or cinematic way.

Procedural Environment

Are you still travelling the world to shoot cars in the ever same locations? With FullCG environments you have full control and flexibility no dependency on weather, season, car /product availabilty.


Motionbox is our internal shotlibrary. Experience the possibilities of creating a movie without any shooting to take place.

Multi-Content ReUse

CGI offers great possibilities for life cycle enhancement of already existing footage either for market adaptions or configurations / design updates.

We find a solution for every individual request

Our moving content production combines more than 25 years of film experience with the latest CGI driven technologies. No matter what kind of moving content request you have in mind, we partner with you from the very first moment you are ready to develop or bring your concept to life. With offices across the globe, we bring together the best resources and ensure the highest production quality for each individual request.

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