16. January 2019
VES Award 2019: Nomination for Best Friend Commercial and Lost in Space Episode

The Mackevision team is delighted about the Best Friend commercial nomination for the VES Awards 2019. The commercial, produced for the animal rights organization PETA, was nominated in the Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial category. An episode of the Lost in Space Netflix series, which Mackevision’s visual effects team also played a part in, was also nominated in the Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode category. Furthermore, this episode also has been nominated for an Emmy in the Best Visual Effects category in 2018.

Mackevision specializes in computer graphics and visual effects. As a global market leader in computer-generated imagery (CGI), Mackevision creates lots of impressive projects. For this reason, the company is very thrilled about the nomination of the Best Friend commercial for the VES Award 2019 in the Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial category, Mackevision’s visual effects team has been able to demonstrate its skills for photoreal creatures. Mackevision artists Bernd Nalbach, Emanuel Fuchs, Sebastian Plank and Christian Leitner have been nominated for this Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial award.

The team came up with the piglet called Lucky for animal rights organization PETA, which led to the creation of the character pipeline at Mackevision. The challenge was not just to make the pig look endearing but also remarkably realistic. Directed by Nathalie Lamb and VFX supervised by Christian Zilliken, twenty-two artists produced a total of 13 VFX shots for the commercial. Thus, it’s a real highlight that this detailed creation has now been nominated for one of the sought-after VES Awards.


The Danger, Will Robinson episode from the Netflix Lost in Space series was also nominated for a VES Award in the Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode category and had already been in the running for an Emmy last year. A total of 35 Mackevision artists, spearheaded by VFX supervisor Juri Stanossek, worked on 7 episodes of the science fiction series.

The accolades are awarded annually by the Visual Effects Society (VES), a society for visual effects, which was founded in 1997 and has more than 3700 members in over 35 countries. VES is committed to fostering and driving forward the art and science of visual effects. It’s been presenting the VES Awards since 2002, which, after the Oscar, is the premier accolade for excellent performance where visual effects are concerned. The awards will be presented on February 5, 2019.

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