Digital Twins: How to optimize supply chains

A breakthrough for Consumer Goods & Retail Companies

The situation: Today, the process from design to production (which mostly takes place abroad) to the sale of a product is complex – and not without risks:  Supply chains are maxed out in terms of timing and costs. Therefore, they are fragile once errors occur.

The existing analog processes are at the limit of their optimization. If you want to make them more robust and, at the same time, further reduce costs and speed things up, you have to transform them – from analogue to digital, from manual to automated.

Our solution: We build a digital twin. A means to transform supply chains.

Our approach: We use the same CAD data that is used to manufacture a product and build a CGI model from it, right from the start.

We then utilize this “Digital Twin” to leapfrog steps in the supply chain. One example: The digital twin needs zero transport time and is available earlier than a physical sample would be. It makes photo shootings unnecessary (for which a physical sample would be needed) – and packaging production can start earlier.

One integrated production delivers all the assets needed.

A visualization of your products is needed in multiple executions and formats: From packshot to video material, from optimized digital images for display ads to the 360 degree model that might be needed for the web shop. Not to mention different models, colors or country-specific variants. The Digital Twin approach allows to deliver all these assets in one production – globally and instantly. We can, for example, directly produce packaging and marketing materials for our clients, and enable fast and consistent asset production for any application - online and offline.

different models and colors
video imagery
360 degree models

Leverage the power of visualization technology along the entire value chain

By creating a streamlined Data Model that acts as a single source of truth, the digital products become centrally maintainable and can be adapted simultaneously as required. The result: more efficient processes, fewer sources of error, lower costs because of zero redundancies, and overall, better quality assurance.

  • Next Generation Production
    Replacement of classical production processes in imaging systems with data-based visualization and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)
  • Full-fledged Virtualization
    Complex products and entire portfolios can be simulated, visualized, and staged in complete variance or configuration scope along the entire value chain
  • Process & Channel Consistency
    Establishment of global sales and marketing processes in all markets, distribution channels, and customer touch points in highest-visual quality

What's in for you?
Save time. Add value. Transforming your pipeline pays off.

The duplication from your physical products to digital ones allows to replace traditional, analogue processes through digital ones.

  • It allows to automize and globalize your processes
  • It smoothens your supply chain as well as your content pipeline                                                                                                                                                  
  • It makes your processes more efficient
  • Saves time


And all this gets better over time. Products allow for the digitization, automization and globalization of traditional analogue processes.

Single source of truth, the foundation of a company’s optimized internal and market operations in the digital era: Store all product data in one single source of truth (Data Model) and make use of it for any application, channel, and format.

Are you ready for the ride?

As digitalization continues to advance, it not only lets you roll out new solutions, but also boosts connectivity within your company, opening the door to efficient processes, minimization of errors and quality control. We help you to implement, organize, develop and manage your products and services.

For every stage of product development and the product life cycle, we produce appropriate visual and digital content, delivering the right information to the right place at the right time.

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