29. November 2017
Strategic partnership: Mackevision and AMERIA present the Connected Retail Experience
  • Mackevision and AMERIA combine content and technology in a unique end-to-end solution
  • Digital and network solutions enable exceptional brand experiences at the point of sale

Stuttgart, November 29, 2017 – Today, Mackevision Medien Design GmbH announces its strategic partnership with the Heidelberg software and technology specialists AMERIA GmbH. The two German innovators have established a strategic partnership to maximize the purchasing experience in showrooms, flagship stores along with other retail and exhibition areas for the automotive sector. With “Connected Retail Experience”, Mackevision and AMERIA combine content and technology in a unique end to end solution. They offer solutions for digitally presenting and networking retail spaces. This enables the optimum interaction between digital content, physical exhibits and products. End customers receive an inspiring purchasing experience while retailers can track customer behavior via a cloud solution and further optimize their activities.

Connected Retail Experience Infographic

Interactive and increasingly personalized solutions at the point of sale play a fundamental role in the age of digitalization – especially in the automotive industry. The changing face of this industry is reflected by the needs of the customers and their increased expectations regarding multidimensional and personalized points of contact with brands. Intelligent networking among a diverse range of touch points within the customer journey can enable a brand to address precisely these needs. Constantly and whenever the customer desires. “In this context, the Connected Retail Experience is the direct and integrated answer to this change and contains diverse modules for digital presentation and networking the various communication areas”, explains Armin Pohl, CEO of Mackevision. “We are very pleased to have gained AMERIA as a partner that shares our vision and thinks the way we do. Our shared goal is to create unique brand experiences in the retail areas. Stationery and digital retail will merge to become one fascinating brand experience. This is exactly what we have begun with our Connected Retail Experience.”

Dealers, above all, benefit from the solutions offered by the Connected Retail Experience.  They can track customer behavior via a cloud solution and further optimize their space based on this data. “The actual added value lies in the analysis of the data”, emphasizes Abrecht Metter, the Managing Director of AMERIA GmbH. “Data about the customers’ purchasing behavior is worth its weight in gold for automobile manufacturers. It is the only way for them to constantly coordinate and optimally adapted to their customers’  needs and wishes. Mackevision and AMERIA combine content and technology in a unique end-to-end solution. Now we can expand our technologies to include Mackevision’s technical and creative content and offer our customers even more opportunities to make the customer dialogue even more interactive and more of an experience.”

The unique feature of the Connected Retail Experience is the  Single Source Publishing principle (SSP). Complete and integrated systems are developed in which content is created once, maintained in a central location and can be utilized as often as desired. As a result, customers always receive the content they need at any specific time, based on their personal interaction history.

The modules of the Connected Retail Experience include the Interactive Touchpoints. This is where Virtual Promoter by AMERIA comes into play. The interactive display solution creates an impressive level of emotional isolation, awakening the feeling of true person-to-person communication through a life-sized avatar. It creates the bridge between the digital and physical showroom and helps to place the focus on the customer experience as part of the product presentation. Virtual reality and mobile devices along with interactive screens offer further opportunities to interact with products of exhibits at physical locations. In addition, linking the Interactive Touchpoints also makes it possible to serve customers with relevant information and individual advice throughout the entire customer journey.

Location Based Services are another module of the Connected Retail Experience. These are location-specific mobile services that enable end customers to be addressed at specifically designated Points of Interest (POI). End customers can simply use their own smartphone to receive relevant information, advice and additional offers via mobile apps. At the dealership, customers are then accompanied through the exhibition area where they receive information about the vehicle there are approaching directly via their smartphone. Visitors can save this information on their smartphones, use a vehicle configurator or easily share the information via social media channels.

Customer behavior in the showroom or the sales area can be used to derive measures to optimize the product presentation.

The cloud-based CX Manager serves as the control unit. It enables the central device and app management for the entire Connected Retail Experience. All of the interactive touch points are remotely configured, controlled and supplied with content via the CX Manager. The CX Manager can be integrated into existing databases and CRM systems.


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