Interactive Tour

Extraordinary brand experiences at the point of sale

In the showroom or the area where you communicate with your customers, visitors are first greeted by Virtual Promoter and informed about the advantages of a smartphone app that can offer them an extraordinary purchase experience. With the app installed, they can enjoy an interactive showroom experience and access information on all the products.

When they approach a vehicle, they immediately receive all the relevant information about it on their smartphone, and can share this information on social media or use it for the car configurator. At the same time, the consumer behavior of people visiting the car dealership is recorded in the cloud using a secure method and visually mapped for the dealer.

Integrating this data into the dealer’s customer database makes for comprehensive reporting. This way, each new contact with the customer can build on the preexisting relationship and be used to progressively intensify that relationship.

Interactive Touchpoint:
Virtual Promoter

Virtual Promoter (VP) serves as the gateway to the virtual world on a stationary surface, creating a direct interactive contact between the customer and the car dealer. A life-size virtual person who welcomes visitors from an interactive screen, VP explains products and services and is easy to control using gestures.

Location Based Services:
Mobile Apps & Beacon Technology

Location Based Services are mobile services that are tied to a specific place, allowing you to target your customers at specially defined points of interest (POI). Your customers simply use mobile apps on their own smartphones to receive relevant information, advice, and offers.

Data Aggregation & Analytics

This service allows the dealer to prepare for their interaction with the customer, providing them with useful information that they can use, for example, to make targeted cross-selling and upselling pitches.

Customer benefits

  • Enjoy fascinating, cutting-edge brand experiences that extend to the smallest detail
  • Save time and feel valued thanks to tailored offers at any time and at every touchpoint
  • Share information with friends and family in real time
Dealer benefits

  • Analyze customer behavior (heat maps, duration of stay, configurations, status, etc.)
  • Create long-term customer loyalty and develop offers tailored to the personal needs of the customer
  • Utilize interfaces to CRM and other software solutions

Connected Retail Experience

Transform your sales spaces into unique brand experiences