Augmented Reality Visualizer

Do we still need car dealerships?

Of course. But we also need to re-invent them. Because here as elsewhere, what is on offer has to meet customers’ needs. And when customers take the trouble of actually going to a brand showroom, what they want above all is to take home a positive experience.

But what can change? Maybe in the future, a car dealership can be conceptualized more like a gallery – a room in which the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and familiar objects take on a never-before-experienced dimension. All of this can be made possible by technologies such as augmented reality (AR).

The augmented reality solution is particularly suitable for small sales floors and showrooms, allowing an entire range of products to be shown. The digital brand experience creates extraordinary visitor and customer interactions that leave lasting impressions.

  • Augmented reality on mobile devices at the point of sale or in the showroom
  • Mobile app recognizes markers or vehicle models and shows the corresponding virtual 3D vehicle on the mobile device
  • Numerous configuration options for the user: color (paint/interior), wheels, equipment package, etc.
  • Detailed visualization and animation (zoom into vehicle interior, 360° view)
  • Seamless transmission of the selected configuration from the mobile device to large screens for further visualizations and customer support.

Customer benefits

  • Seamless, extraordinary, and interactive product and brand experiences
  • Targeted presentation of extensive information with a wow effect
  • Easy interaction

Dealer benefit

  • Sales staff spend less time explaining things and answering questions
  • Analysis of interaction behavior permits optimal use of available space and fine-tuning of the product offering
  • Purchase experience is enriched by a targeted and personalized approach to the customer

Connected Retail Experience

Transform your sales spaces into unique brand experiences