Creating the dream journey

Connecting touchpoints to establish one consistent brand personality.

It’s a fine art: sparking a desire before the consumer becomes aware that they want to buy a new product – and transforming that desire into a purchase decision. The key lies in using the different touchpoints of the customer journey to establish a customer relationship and build customer loyalty.

With us at your side, you don’t just dream of creating that enchanting journey – we make it happen. We know what your customers are looking for on their journey, and so we can take your brand and help it engage with them. Task us with producing the right content for each stage of the customer journey and we’ll take your brand experience to the highest level, forging lasting customer loyalty.


We know that it is essential to deliver consistency between your brand identity and your promise to your customers. This means creating a real product experience through interactions with your brand across a wide range of touchpoints. How do we master the complexities of data-based visualization? Our single-source publishing principle (SSP) lets us develop holistic, integrated services in which content is created and updated in a single central location, to be used any number of times.

We deliver a consistent visual experience for your customers from start to finish – at the very highest level, resulting in emotional, relevant and individual content for every touchpoint.

We deliver a consistent visual experience for your customers from start to finish – at the very highest level.

Seamless Customer Journey

Connecting touchpoints to establish one consistent brand personality.

As we develop and roll out solutions for your seamless customer journey, we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes. We showcase your products effectively, apply future technologies to create premium applications, and are at your side at every stage from data preparation to visualization. And we make certain that OEMs, retailers and customers stay connected and leverage synergies effectively.

With us at your side, you can establish holistic, inspiring, integrated solutions across all touchpoints with your customers. We offer solutions that are both functional and innovative. Our applications are not about technology for technology’s sake – they also have to make sense. Executing ingenious projects is not the only measure of our success. The value they add for you and your customers is a much more important yardstick.

Our portfolio
Connected Retail Experience

In the digital age, interactive and digital solutions at the point of sale play a fundamental part in fulfilling customers’ desire for more interaction, greater personalization, and extraordinary experiences – and winning their lasting loyalty. The “Connected Retail Experience” is our way of digitally showcasing and connecting the spaces where you communicate with your customers.

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Real-time Solutions

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications enable your customers to experience complex products like never before. The challenge is to match the technology with the software solutions and devices available at the various touchpoints – which is precisely where we can help you.

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Visualization Data Management

We cover all the processes you require, from data preparation to visualization. This way we can guarantee reproducible quality for all your media productions worldwide.

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CGI Consulting

With our consulting and support services, we create a premium visualization solution for your customers that meets all their requirements.

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Product Configurator

The internet is the ultimate point of sale, and product configurators have proven to be a driving force. We make it possible for your customers to experience your products in all their variations – interactive, in the highest quality and on all devices.

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Augmented Reality Visualizer

Do we still need car dealerships? Of course. But we also need to re-invent them. Because here as elsewhere, what is on offer has to meet customers’ needs. And when customers take the trouble of actually going to a brand showroom, what they want above all is to take home a positive experience.

But what can change? Maybe in the future, a car dealership can be conceptualized more like a gallery – a room in which the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and familiar objects take on a never-before-experienced dimension. All of this can be made possible by technologies such as augmented reality (AR).

The augmented reality solution is particularly suitable for small sales floors and showrooms, allowing an entire range of products to be shown. The digital brand experience creates extraordinary visitor and customer interactions that leave lasting impressions.

Mercedes-Benz: Thrilling customers with VR

Digital media and social networks have fundamentally transformed consumer expectations. Consequently, when Daimler AG launched its new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the company decided to break new ground: Innovative real-time gaming technology was used to create a photorealistic vehicle that offers potential customers a highly intensive experience of the typical perceived quality of this new-generation Mercedes-Benz, against a backdrop as close to reality as possible.

CGI specialist Mackevision, predestined to partner in the realization of such an ambitious project, took on the task of developing the corresponding data model, as well as the digital scene-setting.

Interactive Tour

In the showroom or the area where you communicate with your customers, visitors are first greeted by Virtual Promoter and informed about the advantages of a smartphone app that can offer them an extraordinary purchase experience. With the app installed, they can enjoy an interactive showroom experience and access information on all the products.

When they approach a vehicle, they immediately receive all the relevant information about it on their smartphone, and can share this information on social media or use it for the car configurator. At the same time, the consumer behavior of people visiting the car dealership is recorded in the cloud using a secure method and visually mapped for the dealer.

Integrating this data into the dealer’s customer database makes for comprehensive reporting. This way, each new contact with the customer can build on the preexisting relationship and be used to progressively intensify that relationship.

VW America: A Car configurator inspired by dating platforms

Unlike in Germany, made-to-order cars individually manufactured to customers’ specifications are yet to catch on in the US. While Volkswagen customers in America are already able to configure their new car online, the final choice actually depends on which models their dealer has in stock. Volkswagen of America has launched a brand new configurator website that totally transforms the experience of buying a car, even at the early decision-making stage. 

At, customers can now enter their preferred parameters just as easily and precisely as they would on a dating platform. 

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