Weltmeister: Driven by Passion

Client: Weltmeister

Year: 2019


Venture on an incredible “ice-breaking” journey with Mackevision

-3o degrees Celsius. Icy fog rising. A futuristic hall with an immense block of ice in the middle. A closer look reveals a vehicle trapped in the ice. An ice sculptor is at work: First powerfully with chisel and chainsaw, then precisely and patiently he works the ice.

Ice crystals dissolve and break on the cold, wet hall floor. He carves, files and shapes. Pushing the power button breathes life into the ice vehicle. The ice then melts away and the Weltmeister EX5 appears in its full glory.

Weltmeister unveils its first purely electric SUV with this advertising video. Futuristic, elegant and sustainable at the same time. Electric vehicles are the future of mobility. The EX5, equipped with an all-weather battery heat management system and an ultra-light steel body, is the perfect answer to customers’ demands. But even more important is that Weltmeister hits the zeitgeist and serves the desire for digitized products and networking. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the EX5 can identify its driver via face recognition.

Six Teams. Seven Weeks. One Mission.
Bringing Weltmeister’s ultra-light steel EX5 to life

Following the successful collaboration between Mackevision and Weltmeister in graphic rendering for its entire model series in March 2018, it comes as no surprise that the automaker approached the talented team at Mackevision again. The brief: To showcase the EX5’s innovative features and design philosophy to consumers in a creative way. Essentially, Weltmeister wants to make an impression with a lasting impact.

Based on the creative ideation using concepts of “Ice” and “Origami” from creative agency FCB Shanghai, Mackevision delivered 2 product feature videos and 2 full CG teasers, 4 key visuals, 38 product feature images and the WebGL visualizer in merely 7 weeks, including live action shooting in Serbia. 

The 2 product videos took center stage at the launch of the EX5 in September 2018. Not only did they showcase the product itself, they also reflect very well the concept behind: Being light yet stable, just as the “origami” spot marvelously marries the interpretation of high strength steel with the lightweight of the EX5 body. At the same time the “Ice” clip greatly demonstrates how the EX5’s resilient thermal management system and its ultra-light steel body effortlessly withstand freezing temperatures.

"Top notch CGI production which is unparalleled to none."


The final visual results are absolutely stunning. Weltmeister summed it up: “We are truly pleased and impressed with all the materials delivered by Mackevision, be it graphic, video or WebGL visualizer. A special mention to its top notch CGI production which is unparalleled to none and that is what we believe makes Mackevision a global leader in this field.”

The ice challenge is on. Striving for perfection.

In order to demonstrate the car’s resilient thermal management system under extremely challenging conditions, what could be more demanding than putting the sensitive technology directly into a freezing cold ice block? In the ‘Ice’ video, with a push of the power button, the battery pack temperature soars and dramatically melts the thick ice away to reveal the sleek EX5.

For CG productions, “ice” and “mist” are highly challenging subjects to render. The “Ice” video has integrated these two elements at the same time. Mackevision shipped a total of 14-ton ice blocks all the way from Munich (Germany) to Serbia and invited a local ice sculptor with decades of experience to create the EX5 ice sculpture on site. For the swirling icy mist, Mackevision tapped on the experience of a CG artist who is brilliant at rendering such effects.

Impressed by the remarkable results achieved in the video, Weltmeister commented: “Mackevision is very responsible and meticulous in their work. To create very real effects, we saw Mackevision unreservedly engaging their best ‘ice expert’ and ‘smoke expert’ for this task. The final video has successfully merged real-life ice shots with CGI icy mist effects, creating immersive scenes of extreme -30 °C climate.”

In addition to the creative and eye-catching videos, 38 product feature images were developed by Mackevision’s Beijing team. The images not only demonstrate the details of the vehicle but also highlight its technical features. Therefore, the images greatly present the unique and special aspects of the EX5.

Last but certainly not least, Mackevision’s team in Seoul created a WebGL visualizer, which enables users to partake in a 360° observation of the EX5 model online. This visual experience is completely customizable to the user’s preferences. Aspects, such as the vehicle’s color, materials and lights, can be changed in an interactive way. This creates an intimate connection between the brand and the user.

“We saw Mackevision unreservedly engaging their best ‘ice expert’ and ‘smoke expert’ for this task. The final video has successfully merged real-life ice shots with CGI icy mist effects, creating immersive scenes of extreme -30 °C climate.”


Seamless Cooperation. Delivering The Best.

The Weltmeister EX5 project marks the first time that Mackevision engaged 6 of its teams across the globe simultaneously. From ideation and storyboard compilation to shooting and post-production with CGI, the roles and responsibilities were divided clearly based on the respective team’s strengths – each armed with its unique forte and expertise to tell the EX5 story and ensuring all tasks are accomplished on time and on target.

 “There were 6 different Mackevision teams, totaling near 100 professionals, including CG artists, data preparators, developers and photographers working closely with each other, sharing 3D assets on a daily updated basis, constantly exchanging information and latest client feedback across 2 time zones,” said Dominic Andre Bitu, Executive Film Consultant from Mackevision Stuttgart team, as he explained the unusual challenges.

The Media Production team from Mackevision Stuttgart was in charge of 4 key visuals, while the Emmy-winning VFX team took care of 2 full CG teaser-videos and CG work for the “Ice” video. Goodfilm, the production unit from Mackevision in Stuttgart, undertook the live action shooting for both the “Ice” and “Origami” video. The Beijing team was responsible for the said 38 images; the team in Hamburg focused on CG work for the “Origami” video and the WebGL visualizer was developed by the team in Seoul.

Recalling the experience of working with 6 global teams from Mackevision, Weltmeister said: “Due to time differences, we often had project meetings with Mackevision’s team during the evening hours here in Shanghai. And the next morning, we would ‘seamlessly’ look into the German team’s production revised over night. Our communication with the Mackevision teams has always been smooth and positive, which absolutely accelerated the whole process.”

The teams have overcome many obstacles in their breakthrough partnership. Hendrik Niedenthal, Team Lead Commercial from Mackevision in Beijing highlighted that the challenge of this global teamwork lies in the accuracy of vehicle data. During production, the CAD data of vehicle used by each and every team must be complete, accurate and consistent, from the beginning to the end. A perfect project delivery for the client is only possible with precision.

The complete set of the EX5 publicity materials produced by Mackevision has been featured extensively on Weltmeister’s official website, popular social media platforms, professional automotive media, outdoor advertising as well as video commercials and has won praise for its creativity. With extremely skilled teams of nearly 25 years’ experience in CGI and visual effects, Mackevision successfully brought life to the product and delivered it into reality with outstanding quality.


Client: WM Motor Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Agency: FCB Shanghai
Client overall project lead, Senior Brand Manager: Dai Yingzi
Overall project lead Germany: Dominic Andre Bitu
Overall project lead China: Hendrik Niedenthal
Client on-site support: Jennifer Liao

Mackevision Stuttgart – Key Visuals
Project Manager: Stephan Poettgen
Art Direction: Chris Stoeckl
3D Generalist: Markus Jaeck
3D Generalist: Florian Hoellrigl
Photoshop Artist: Dirk Jonas
Photoshop Artist: Jens Czymmeck

Mackevision Korea – Web GL
Head of Realtime: Alex Kim
Realtime Project Manager: Dennis Chae
Realtime Project Manager: Lily Seo
Realtime Artist: Jake Joe
Realtime Artist: Summer Lee
Realtime Modeler: Roy Woo
Realtime WebGL Developer: Ricky Kim

Mackevision Beijing – Data Prep, SSP, Key Visuals
Project Manager: Yuan Wang
Head of Production: Johannes Rammensee
Art Direction: Hartmut Noefenberg
3D Generalist: Michael Jiao
3D Generalist: Bill Shi
3D Generalist: Weapon Geng
3D Generalist: Peace Zhang
3D Generalist: Allen Wang
Photoshop Artist: Derrick Huang
Photoshop Artist: Ye Cao
Photoshop Artist: Bin Rong
Photoshop Artist: TK Chen
Photoshop Artist: Hao Xie

Mackevision Hamburg – Origami CGI
Lead Creative Producer: Sandra von Hacht
Producer: Michael Schiano 
3D Supervisor: Mikko Reim
VFX Supervisor: Daniel Fraass
VFX Set Supervision: Lukas Schwabe
VFX Editorial: Julian Jacobi
Pipeline Developer:Marcus Kitschke
Matchmove:Marcus Kitschke
Animation & Lighting:Alessandro Caragnini
3D & Lighting: Alexander Ricker
Animation Supervisor: Daniel Fraass
Previs:  Samuel Kenworthy
Animation: Alessandro Caragnini
Compositing Lead: Lukas Schwabe
2D Supervisor: Daniel Beckmann
Compositing: Johannes Hezer
Head of Production: Tobias Lawrenz

Goodfilm – Live-Action Shooting ICE&Origami
Director:   Björn Amend
DoP:   Fabian Hothan
Executive Producer:   Alexander Klingler
Producer:   Johannes Schmid
Production Assistant:   Kim Binnig
Editor:   Kai Kniepkamp
Service Production:   Red Production, Belgrade
1st AD:   Bojan Pivas
Production Designer:   Ivan Cirovic
Hair/Makeup:   Brana Kupresanin
Costume:   Sanja Mimich
Styling:   Manal Gleich
Gaffer:   Vladimir Slijepcevic
Postproduction:   Digital Straik, Hamburg
Mackevision Stuttgart VFX – Two full-CG teaser & ICE CGI
Editing:  Jörg Wohnsiedler (FullCG Teaser)
Sound Design:  Tobias Scherer (FullCG Teaser)
VFX Producer:   Francesco Faranna
Associate VFX Producer:  Stefan Schorer
CG Supervisor:   David Anastacico
Art Direction:    Adam Wesierski
Compositing Supervisor:    Gus Martinez
Compositing Supervisor:      Stephan Schäfholz
Executive Producer:  Heiko Burkardsmaier
Executive Film Consultant:   Dominic André Bitu
VFX Coordination:   Paul Maresch 
VFX Production Assistant:  Paula Kipp, Jessica Wünsche

Mackevision Stuttgart VFX – Two full-CG teaser & ICE CGI
Matchmove:  Johannes Weiss, Christoph Gaudl
VFX Editorial/Grading:  Tobias Pfeiffer
VFX Editorial:  Jörg Wohnsiedler
Pipeline Developer:  Axel Mähler
Pipeline Developer:  Henry Weickert
Digital Matte Painting:       Adam Wesierski
Motion Graphics Artist:     André Christopher Gerhardt
Modeling:  Dominic Tiedecken
Lighting/Shading:              Stephan Hähnlein
Lighting/Shading:              Thorsten Gätz
Lighting/Shading:              Daniel Klos
Lighting/Shading:              Przemek Trznadel
Animation:  José Carlos Poeira
3D Generalist:  Georgious Mouroussidis
3D Generalist:  Sebastian Plank
3D Generalist:  Benedikt Roesch
FX:  David Bellenbaum
FX:  Dominic Tiedecken
Compositing:   Mauricio de Oliveira
Compositing:   Jan Burda
Compositing:   Peter Lames
Compositing:   Lukas Fabian
Compositing:   Julian Körrenz
Compositing:   Sebastian Etscheverry
Compositing:   Klaus Wuchta
Compositing:   Tobias Gerdts
Compositing:   Max Decken
Compositing:   Emil Maile

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