Schellen-Ursli |Making-of Mackevision

Client: C-Films

Year: 2015


On March 24, the successful Swiss children’s film “Schellen Ursli” will be released in German movie theaters. With around 400,000 viewers in Switzerland (as of January 2016), the movie is already among the top 6 of the most successful Swiss films since 1978!

Xavier Koller won the SwissAward for Culture for his performance as the film’s director. Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) writes: “With Schellen-Ursli the filmmakers and Oscar-award winners succeeded to bring a piece of Swiss folk culture authentically and successfully to the cinema. In one of the most expensive Swiss films of all time, Koller stayed as close as possible to the original drawings of Alois Carigiet.”

Mackevision is proud to have designed some visual effects of the film. The making-of shows how the virtual landscape has emerged.

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