Porsche Panamera GTS:
Soft-Configurator by Mackevision

Client: Porsche AG

Year: 2018


Visual voyage of discovery

Mackevision stages the new Porsche Panamera GTS models photorealistically in the scene

There is new addition to the Porsche Panamera family. More dynamic character, sportier appearance and eight-cylinder power: The new Panamera GTS models arouse desire.

For the worldwide launch of the new GTS models, Porsche has set itself the goal of presenting the new vehicles on the global Porsche website in an interactive, tangible and visual way at the highest level.

For this reason, a 360° configurator went live on the model pages at the start of sales in October 2018, allowing users to experience, configure and virtually test drive the new Panamera GTS models in real time.

The 360° configurator thus combines vehicle experience, configuration and an individual driving film for the user.

In order to create a lasting impression, the visual elements had to be optimally and photorealistically designed and coordinated during the development and implementation of the soft configurator.

The 360° scenery enables a panoramic view of the Panamera model at different distances and viewing heights and also offers users real-time configuration of four exterior colours and four wheels.

Mackevision has succeeded in matching car, environment and film exactly to each other in order to offer the user absolute photorealism.

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