Oris – Gallery Viewer and Caliber 400
Caliber 400

Client: Oris

Year: 2020


Mackevision Hamburg studio in another successful cooperation with the watch manufacturer ORIS

We are happy to present another successful cooperation with a Swiss luxury watch brand Oris. They have started designing their own calibers recently and wanted to let their clients experience this in a special, immersive way at fares and in the point of sales physical shops. To be able to view this experience and the older film we created for them, the client also wanted us to create a gallery to select and play the videos from.

Our Hamburg team created an Android App with a gallery menu and two movies to play from that gallery. The brief was to make the central hub room feel like a museum, so the clean, gallery like feel was created. Mackevision also recreated the clockwork in all detail, based on the customer’s CAD data. Rigging all elements of the clockwork, ensuring all linkages are precise and all animations play lifelike was, as you can imagine, very challenging. But it was successfully executed.

The project was developed in Unity and the VR 360° video runs on an Oculus GO or Quest, which makes it easy and cost effective to roll out to POS while providing high visual quality.

Oris Gallery - Screencast

Oris Gallery - Screencast



TD & Supervisor: Johannes Hezer
Supervisor: Daniel Fraass
Project Management: Peter Schönherr
Application Development: Dietmar Kreider 
RnD: Daniel Kuntz

Coordination: Dima Lochman
3D Lead: Mikko Reim
3D: Alessandro Caragnini, Mano Büttner
2D: Daniel Beckmann, Katharina Böttcher

Musik by Ahoi Studios, Hamburg

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