MG 3 and 6 – beauty stills
MG 3 and MG 6 – beauty stills

Client: SAIC-MG China

Year: 2017


MG 6

The curtains rise to reveal the unique MG 6 Trophy. The sporty design, an elegant look and a full sound is just a fraction of what the new MG 6 has to offer. SAIC-MG China initiates an inspiring presentation with the new relaunch. Thanks to the new facelift and the 1.5TGI diesel engine, driving pleasure is guaranteed.

Mackevision created a full CG spot for the sporty Trophy model set in an exceptional environment together with multiple full CG shots. A number of the stills were specifically developed to highlight the technical features clearly present the unique and special aspects of the MG 6 Trophy. Mackevision also produced the soft configurator specifically for the website and social media channels.

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MG 3

SAIC Motor presents the new MG 3 with the motto “small but fine”.

The artists from Mackevision created the full CG shots for the sporty MG 3. The diverse views including interior, exterior, with and without luggage compartment content, visualizations of the engines and open-door shots enable viewers to explore what the compact car has to offer. A complete walk-around for a soft configurator was also developed along with the keyvisual.

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