Lost in Space, Season 2 – VFX Breakdown

Client: Netflix

Year: 2019


Mackevision’s VFX department was once again brought in on Netflix’s hit series, Lost in Space.  After a successful partnership with Jabbar Raisani (VFX supervisor and director), Terron Pratt (VFX producer) and Marion Spates (VFX supervisor) in season 1, the creative team at Mackevision’s VFX department was called on for eight episodes in season 2.

This time around, as a major vendor for the VFX-driven adventure fiction series, Mackevision produced stunning effects, including complex water simulations, CG crowd robots, alien planet environments, and spacecraft animations to name but a few. The series premiered on Christmas Eve, 2019, and Mackevision’s VFX Supervisor, Juri Stanossek, was nominated for a prestigious VES award, for the work on the season finale.


There’s more danger — and adventure — ahead for the Robinson family! With the Jupiter 2 stranded on a mysterious ocean planet without their beloved Robot, the Robinsons must work together, alongside the mischievous and manipulative Dr. Smith and the always charming Don West, to make it back to the Resolute and reunite with the other colonists. But they quickly find all is not as it seems. A series of incredible new threats and unexpected discoveries emerge as they look for the key to finding Robot and safe passage to Alpha Centauri. They will stop at nothing to keep their family safe… survival is a Robinson specialty after all. 

(Rotten Tomatoes) 


VFX Supervisor                                     Juri Stanossek
VFX Producer                                        Marina Winter
VFX Coordinator                                   Claudia Ceniceros
Compositing Supervisor                      Stephan Schäfholz
CG Supervisor                                       David Anastacio
VFX Executive Producer                      Heiko Burkardsmaier
Associate VFX Producer                      Francesco Faranna
VFX Coordinator                                  Laura Bahde

CG Artist                                                Alexander Szabados
CG Artist                                                Alex Müllerperlefein
CG Artist                                                Harun Celebi
CG Artist                                                Marco Wilz
CG Artist                                                Martin Wellstein
Jr. CG Artist                                          Philipp Allard
CG Artist                                                Sebastian Plank
CG Artist                                                Thorsten Gätz
CG Artist                                                David Dias
CG Artist                                                Nicolas Pellkofer
Jr. CG Artist                                          Nils Weisbrod
CG Artist                                                Georgios Mouroussidis
Jr. CG Artist                                          Moritz Trieu

Senior Rigging and Animation           Florian Friedmann
Lead Animation Artist                          Wolfgang Emmrich

Animation Artist                   Oliver Mertins
CG Artist                                Robert Freitag
Art Director                           Adam Wesierski
Matte Painter                        Felix Flad

Compositing Artist              Christoph Kleine
Jr. Compositing Artist        Emil Maile
Compositing Artist              Jan Burda
Jr. Compositing Artist        Ken Hoffmann
Compositing Artist              Lukas Fabian
Compositing Artist              Mauricio de Oliveira
Jr. Compositing Artist        Nahele Zipperer
Compositing Artist              Peter Lames
Compositing Artist              Roland Petrizza
Compositing Artist              Timo Hanczuk
Compositing Artist              Uwe Majer
Compositing Artist              Daniel Hartlehnert
Jr. Compositing Artist        Maximillian Czech
Compositing Artist              Denis Krez
Compositing Artist              Nina Pries

VFX Editor                            Tobias Pfeiffer
VFX Editor                            Jörg Wohnsiedler
Matchmove Artist                Johannes Weiss

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