Lidl PARKSIDE film

Year: 2021


Mackevision was asked by the client Lidl to develop and to produce a film based on a rough first creative idea by the client. Lidl is a successful chain of grocery stores and have been expanding strongly throughout Europe for over 40 years. By now, they are operating in 32 countries worldwide and offer food and non-food products of highest quality at the lowest possible prices in around 11,200 stores in 29 countries. The 40-seconds long film was to be produced entirely in CGI for the promotion of the Lidl tool brand “PARKSIDE”.  The basic idea was, that many different products float in a room and end up with a certain shape, revealing the brand name and a promotion statement. 

Mackevision was responsible for the overall production starting with the conception, which includes a storyboard, animatics and styleframes. Based on the client approved concept, the film was created with a stunning visual style that is further enhanced by an individually composed piece of music by Studio Klangerfinder from Stuttgart. 

To give a more detailed view on the storyline at the beginning of the film, the products float weightlessly in an almost mystical, dark atmosphere in a garage environment. Due to the ultra-close ups, it is not possible for the viewer to guess what exactly is being shown here and what the film is about. The light mood changes during the film into a warmer and brighter one, which in combination with larger framings, makes it clearer to the viewer that the objects shown are tools. All products in the end make up the “PARKSIDE” logo through a special arrangement in the garage environment. 

One of the features of this film is that it was specially produced for the broadcast on television and cinema in the cinemascope format which gives it the extra visual experience.  


The Making Of

The actual film production was preceded by an elaborate conception phase. Therefore, we wanted to integrate and show the extensive concept phase in this later produced Making-Of. By showing the final shots in direct comparison with animatics, hand-drawn storyboards and greyshade products in different layers without any textures, the viewer is taken along on the process of making the film. Further, it is revealed to the viewer that all the PARKSIDE tools are photorealistic digital twins created specifically to be staged weightlessly in the garage environment and arranged in the PARKSIDE lettering at the end. 


Head of Production: Tobias Lawrenz 

Producer: Julia Kastaun                                      

Supervisor / 3D Animation/Concept: Sebastian Hofmann                         

Production Manager / Editor:  Dima Lochmann                                

3D Lead:  Alessandro Caragnini                      

3D Artist: Mikko Reim, Florestan Schuberth                

Pipeline Developer: Marcus Kitschke                               

Compositing Supervisor: Daniel Beckmann                             

Compositing Artist: Felix Bäsch, Bernhard Schröcker                       

Executive Producer: Dominic Bitu 

Producer: Lisa Gampper 

Sales: Philipp Macher   

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