BMW i. Born Electric.

Client: BMW AG

Agency: BMW AG

Year: 2011


This project presented the BMW i3 and BMW i8 Concept cars to the public a long time before they will actually go into production.
Over ten weeks of intricate precision work, the experts at Mackevision visualized the cars on computer and afterwards built them into actually filmed footage.
Apart from that, the project encompassed the production of other images in the studio as well as engineering videos that describe the concept behind BMW’s “I” electric cars.
More than 100 stills and over 10 minutes of film and animation work were produced in Full HD.
The big challenge of this project was to actualize a vehicle that didn’t even exist yet and to cast it as emotionally as possible.
For instance, to convey a sense of the feel that was to be achieved, all materials and textures first had to be developed and modeled on the computer in close cooperation with BMW.
The project also demanded massive know-how of how to visualize the glass and therefore partially transparent doors through which the interior is visible from the outside.

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