The process is always identical and the result always exciting. To turn 3D design data of industrially made products into a visualization model five steps are required – research, collation, preparation, model development and acceptance.

To start with all the relevant product data are researched, initial documentation collected and stored with all the meta data.

The data and information are then processed, checked for visibility and cleansed accordingly. If necessary, components are repaired and converted into a visualization-compatible format. Parts that are not available as CAD data are modelled separately. If all the components are available, the materials they are made of are added. An animation setup is applied to animation-compatible components. The product logics are implemented and the components activated. As a result, we produce models that can be configured to technical or sales-relevant specifications.

The outcome is a standardized basis for all your media productions worldwide. With this method you can carry out all types of product presentations with computer-generated media as images, films and interactive media. The quality is consistent due to a database that is always first class.

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