Three people in one room. Each person stands on a corner. Some take a few steps in one direction, others in another direction while they all talk animatedly. The three are designers and each wears a Head Mounted Display (HMD). Together, they are examining a vehicle that does not yet exist in reality.

From the idea to the product
Shared Studio

Virtual reality technologies offer completely new approaches: For example, the technology enables designers and engineers to utilize far more efficient and productive processes. Furthermore, virtual reality also enables the interaction between humans and vehicle prototypes. 

These solutions can enhance productivity during the design and engineering phases, in particular, and simultaneously create enormous cost savings.

Current challenges:

  • High costs for creating physical models that represent the current version/development state
  • Combining or visualizing different technical modules is extremely difficult because they exist in different stages of development. For example, the powertrain may be a physical model yet the new gearbox and diverse attachments are not yet available as real models.
  • Rapid presentation and testing of current and older versions with physical models
  • Moving parts and technical kinematics are difficult to display

Our Solution

Shared Studio VR offers you a collaboration platform that enables the high-quality visualization of complex technical aspects along with the interaction between people and the product. Designers and engineers can view, discuss and work on their projects and products together in a real environment at 1:1 scale. Regardless of where they are actually located.

Shared Studio VR simultaneously reduces your costs enormously while also increasing productivity. The solution lets you bring together everyone involved in a virtual environment at the early stages of development.

  • A collaborative VR space with multiple users (multi-user approach)
  • Worldwide interaction with users in different locations
  • Interaction with the VR model such as adding comments or voice notes
  • Real-time version management.
  • Transfer the acceptance reports to the backend/database system (e.g. JIRA)
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