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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to offer customers looking to buy a car a unique experience with an emotive appeal, which is why social media marketing and digital showrooms are pulling out all the stops. The purpose of 360-degree product videos and virtual test drives is to offer a taste of what’s to come – that’s stunningly accurate.

Accuracy meets appeal when technology is matched with the right software solutions and devices available at all touchpoints.

  • We lend you our support to create a premium visualization solution for your customers at every touchpoint along their journey.
  • As your digitization partner, we can offer you advice that’s independent of manufacturers, software and hardware, therefore enabling personalized product experiences.

For all Configuration levels, for all variants

Visualizing products in high-end quality down to the last detail is a highly complex business. Do away with the boundaries between real life and virtual reality and give your customers the opportunity to discover new worlds: Enter the new era of conveying experiences.

Thanks to our technological expertise – above all in the automotive industry – we can visualize highly complex products and their characteristics, whatever the variant or features.

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications allow customers the chance to experience complex products like never before.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – Real-time Application

Thrilling customers with VR: Intuitive virtual reality interaction for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Go to project>>>

Switch between day and night environments

Interact intuitively with moving parts

Change the materials

We create the right processes

Implementing digitization strategy in the customer journey requires technical skills, as well as the latest technologies, often presenting users with new challenges.

  • We deliver all the processes required, from data preparation to visualization. As a result, we can guarantee quality that can be reproduced.
  • As a CGI market leader, we have longstanding automotive experience and therefore know what’s required.

Create exceptional world of experience with us

In the highly competitive automotive market, purchasing decisions are often motivated by emotions. Companies have to respond appropriately – with images and films that awaken enthusiasm in customers and add an emotional edge to the brand.

At dealer showrooms, trade shows or events, via social media marketing, during virtual test drives or in digital showrooms etc., the idea is for people to enjoy their own personal customer journeys at each touchpoint. The demand for complex visual materials is rising accordingly. We advise you how to generate a customized product experience. We take a holistic look at the customer journey and find the best solution for the application and brand.

We will find the right technical solution in premium quality

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality take the way experience is conveyed to a new level: Consumers like 360-degree and immersive experiences. The various realities require specific hardware solutions and content.

And configuration is growing increasingly complex at the same time. At the same time, content must be available and adaptable for all channels and devices. As a global CGI market leader, we have longstanding automotive expertise and the technical skills to deliver pre-rendered and real-time applications in superior quality.

We can produce traditional CGI (pre-rendered) and real-time images, i.e. we come up with a photorealistic vehicle using complex CGI technology and highly complex CAD data, or we use real-time technology and visualize the vehicle in a 3D engine, live and on the fly.

Unified pipeline for all channels and devices

We help you digitize your product worlds

Do you need support with digitizing your product worlds? We are on hand as your digitization advisor and partner. We build processes to suit your requirements. With our data preparation expertise the quality of all your products is reproducible at any level of configuration.

Any questions? We’d be happy to answer them.
Contact us if you’d like to find out more about our Real-time Solutions.

Shared Studio VR

A collaborative VR platform

Three people in one room. Each person stands on a corner. Some take a few steps in one direction, others in another direction while they all talk animatedly. The three are designers and each wears a Head Mounted Display (HMD). Together, they are examining a vehicle that does not yet exist in reality.

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