CAD data becomes visualization data transformed into exceptional images and films. These can be viewed interactively. Impressive product and brand experiences are the result. Examples include apps on smartphones and tablets, interactive devices at the POS, at trade shows, at events or on other digital channels.

The goal is to make the product stand out from the crowd by showcasing it superbly. The more exceptional the story, the more cross-medial the communications concept and the more perfect the visualization, the stronger the impact and the more sustainable the effect. This scenario makes dialogue with the client possible way beyond the point of sale where the public is very diverse, so information and presentations primarily need to be striking. The ability to configure and tailor this information to requirements plays a key role in the process.

We can support you by providing a full service in setting up interactive worlds to experience with all the potential that 2D and 3D visualization offers. Make efficient use of our whole or parts of our portfolio of services with the specialist departments in your company or the communications agencies concerned. For example suitable communications tools and products and hardware partners are selected, specific contents produced, project implementation, training and supervision of operations organized and projects coordinated and managed.

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