The internet increasingly generates sales. Product configurators have proved to be a major force in the process. In the automotive industry the configurator is driving this technology. Here Mackevision has created benchmarks.

We offer the capability (technology and know-how) to make interactive use of products in all variations and on all devices in the highest quality. As a one-stop solution the system can be integrated into a client’s website or designed as a stand-alone option.

The Product Configurator is an interactive system for the production of complex configurable products. It is based on web technology and therefore available on all stationary and mobile devices. At the same time all the variations of your product can be presented. Users are also given a variety of additional information. This includes extra product information and additional features in words and pictures, animations, financing packages and customized product brochures configured to suit requirements.

The Product Configurator is a smart tool that can be used in both product communications and in the sales process. It is already being successfully operated by Mackevision clients.

We will be on hand every step of the way, from designing a watertight concept for the configurator software and the associated IT infrastructure to implementing and operating the solution and beyond.

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