Imagine you could choose and put the images you want in the product configurator, or on a digital sales point, or on a social media platform. Imagine all of this in premium quality and in 3D. Imagine doing this without referring to a 500-page manual or incurring hardware and software costs. You don’t think it’s possible? Well it is. You can use the Picture Shooter to upload a virtual studio and generate first-class marketing material, tailored to your target groups and different markets. The result is a huge database of CGI images and sequences from our cloud. You could then combine these intuitively and creatively with different backdrops and lighting into your photo-realistic product presentation.

All you need is a mouse. This plug & play solution enables high-end rendering, uploading of your own backgrounds and a professional finish. It is user-friendly and cost savings are also impressive. The transparent and flexible invoicing model is based on data volume. All issues of rights management are clarified.

Of course you can access your virtual photo studio worldwide. And we provide regular updates to ensure features are state-of-the art.

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