Increase the efficiency of on-set production with the interplay of real-time technology and live action shooting. Profit from integrating computer-generated environments while filming, to receive immediate feedback on your shots and make amendments on set.

Ncam technology is adaptable to both handheld and cable camera systems, providing the ability to track any environment on any camera with complete freedom of movement. The technology serves as a customizable augmented reality platform, integrating seamlessly into any professional production setup to broaden the extent of immediate feedback while shooting.

The production of Jim Button was heavily dependent on visual effects. The team on set benefited greatly from receiving live impressions of the interplay between the computer-generated environments and live action shooting.

Receiving immediate feedback through real-time tracking technology increased the production efficiency of Jim Button. This in turn allowed the crew to invest more time in administering a strong focus on detail, both on set and in virtual environments.

Boost your production efficiency from shooting to post production

Benefit from the advantages of our real-time camera tracking solution, which offers:

  • Framing guide for optimal positioning of cameras, props, cast and CG
  • Lighting reference for perfect light-matching between real and virtual sets
  • Easy interaction staging with creatures and set
  • Inclusive use of our video-stream as post-visualization
  • VFX post-production without reliance on match-move and layout
  • Our Virtual Production Studio to shoot full CG shots as you would shoot live action

Advance your production with features of a multi-award-winning patented technology, including:

  • A flexible, markerless workflow without special studio or location preparation
  • Reliability of a system with accurate tracking quality and precise scaling
  • Fast setup during shoots without delaying production
  • Real-time, multi-channel video output for post-visualization
  • Timecode synchronized camera animation and point cloud data export

Drive your on-set production to the next level

  • Use pre-visualization and tech-visualization to reach the maximum output of your shooting time and location
  • Prepare real-time assets to achieve optimal visual results while remaining hardware-efficient
  • Enlist Ncam to use the system’s hardware and software, with a complete crew for on-set implementation


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Exclusive partnership with Ncam

We offer nCam pre-visualization techniques as part of our on-set visual effects services. Mackevision’s expertise in visual effects on-set guarantees a reassuring combination of a highly skilled crew and state-of-the-art technology.

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Our visual effects play a vital role in movies, series and high-end commercials. We create digital worlds for high-class projects like Game of Thrones, Lost in Space and Independence Day 2.

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