The Media Server is a dynamic image database. It generates configurable product images at any level of configuration in top quality and in real time.

An example of a configurator for the automotive segment demonstrates that it doesn’t provide all the options in the product configurators as full images for an infinite number of product designs. The solution involves separating the images. Our compositing approach combines partial images of individual component groups to form full images of product designs.

Media Server is tailor-made for this solution. This multipurpose content engine saves time, money and also opens up new creative potential. It’s the technological backbone of our compositing-based visualization system.

The Media Server speeds up processing times and reduces IT and process costs. The partial image rendering process allows changes to be made more efficiently and productively.

In other words the Media Server is a dynamic image database, which generates product images in any configuration in top quality in a matter of seconds. It’s special, impressive and powerful software for customized pictures, videos and printed media.

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