The transformation of the customer journey

The traditional model of the customer journey no longer applies – at least not in the digital world. Because while reaching customers at various stages along a predefined path used to be a fairly predictable business, today customers have complete control of when and how they interact with a brand.

At each touchpoint customers expect a personalized experience that offers them added value. So in a digital context, communications and brand loyalty tend to be more complex, dynamic, and intuitive.

Touchpoints that know the customers

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, dynamic, and anonymous. We long for simplicity, happiness, and a sense that we are more than just small cogs in the global economic machinery.

Intelligent connections between the touchpoints along the customer journey can meet precisely these needs. And meet them at any time, whenever the customer wants.

In concrete terms, this means that at all times and at every touchpoint a brand needs to be fully acquainted with the customer’s history, so as to thrill them by offering exactly what they are looking for.

Connected Retail Experience

Blurring the lines between stationary and digital sales

Mackevision and AMERIA bring together content and technology in a unique, end-to-end solution: The Connected Retail Experience is our way of digitally showcasing and connecting the spaces where you communicate with your customers, such as showrooms, flagship stores, events or exhibitions.

We develop holistic, integrated systems in which content is created and edited in a single central location, to be used as many times as needed. We call this our single-source publishing principle (SSP).

This means your customers always receive the content that they need at that moment, based on their personal interaction history.

And how exactly do you benefit? By analyzing customer behavior during these interactions, you can optimize your products and services, address customer needs more individually, and ensure long-term customer loyalty.

  Impressive Product Experience

Content for Touchpoints & Technologies

No matter if it’s an image, a video, or an interactive application, your content is placed in the context of your brand, your products, and your regional markets in a visually arresting manner.

Our single-source publishing principle (SSP) lets us develop complex data-based visualizations which, combined with the knowledge garnered about your customers’ user behavior, make it possible to create a holistic and integrated brand and product experience at all times and across a wide range of touchpoints.

  Interactive Touchpoints

Virtual Promoter, VR/AR & Mobile Devices

Customers want to be able to experience your brand and your story with all of their senses and across all channels. Interactive touchpoints in sales areas and showrooms or at events create a point of experience for your target group.

First we have to attract the attention of potential customers. One way to do so is by using Virtual Promoter, a life-size avatar that reacts to people walking by and establishes an extraordinary form of customer interaction controlled by gestures.

Virtual reality (VR) and mobile devices as well as interactive screens offer additional opportunities for interaction at physical locations. By connecting the interactive touchpoints, we can also provide relevant information and tailored support along the entire customer journey.

  Location Based Services

Mobile Apps & Beacons Technology

Location Based Services are mobile services that are tied to a specific place, allowing you to target your customers at specially defined points of interest (POI). Your customers simply use mobile apps on their own smartphones to receive relevant information, advice, and offers.

  Retail Management System

CX Manager

The CX Manager is the cloud-based control unit that makes the centralized device and app management of the entire Connected Experience possible. The CX Manager is used to configure, control, and channel content to all interactive touchpoints and the corresponding equipment.

The data generated by the different devices is also centrally collected here. You decide which users are granted which roles and access rights.

  Software Integration


You can connect the CX Manager to interfaces in your existing software. We take care of the interface integration to your CRM, your vehicle database, and much more besides.

A single management tool lets you control all hardware, software, and content. And this also means that all data is centrally aggregated, giving you a comprehensive reporting tool to use when developing strategic measures.

  Data Aggregation & Analytics

Every interactive touchpoint delivers a double benefit. In addition to creating extraordinary customer experiences, every point of contact delivers valuable insights into your customers’ behavior.

As all data generated at all the touchpoints is linked, your data analysis will be robust and conclusive. This empowers you to understand your customers better, continuously improve the customer experience, and respond fast to the needs and wishes of your customers.

  Future Interface

Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

The Connected Retail Experience is forever in motion – because topics such as artificial intelligence and chatbots are catalysts of technological progress.

So you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the times and be sure to use cutting-edge technologies at your points of experience. This lets you bring the innovative power of your brand and your products to life, right down to the smallest detail, in all your communications.

And make sure you’re the one everyone is talking about – because you never fail to leverage the future of fascinating communications to excite and inspire your customers. 

Extraordinary brand experiences at the point of sale

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