To boost efficiency, we’ve developed a configuration tool that fully responds to the automotive industry’s demands regarding the number of components and the complexity of integrating different features. The purpose of Configuration Backbone (CoBa) is to define and manage complex configuration logics for data-based visualization.

As a result, the relevant sales and component logics can be applied to all of the virtual product module designs. Shapes and materials can also be included. These are linked to the conditions that they appear under in the configured product.

CoBa has interfaces to 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke, Showcase, Vred and our Picture Shooter. It can also generate Renderscripts in order to produce batches of images for configurators automatically.

With an interface to the Media Server compositing engine, CoBa is the basis of the switching logic for product configurators of all types. If necessary, further interfaces like Python plugins can also be implemented. In addition, an open XML file format allows data exchange with other applications.

Is greater customization required? With additional modules, CoBa can also enhance core functionality in response to customized requirements. For example, the quality management suite that validates the switching logic was developed upon a client’s request and integrated into the CoBa system.

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