Our moving content production combines more than 25 years of film experience with the latest CGI-driven technologies.

No matter what kind of moving content request you have in mind, we can partner with you from the very first moment you are ready to bring your concept to life.

With offices across the globe, we bring together the best resources and ensure the highest production quality for each individual request. We find the best and most efficient way to produce your moving content, be it Live-action film, a combination with CG, or a Full-CG approach.

We find a solution for every individual request

  • Creative consulting
  • Creative story development
  • Visual conception
  • Pitch support
  • Director’s interpretation

Automotive Visualization

  • No final car available and/or no time for photoshoots?
    • Full-CG car
    • CG production of only specific car parts (car model update/facelift)
  • Full control of safety and weather conditions
  • Total freedom of environment locations

Product Visualization

  • No final product available and/or no time for photoshoots?
    • Full-CG product
    • CG production of only specific product parts (product update)
  • Full control of safety and weather conditions
  • Total freedom of environment locations

Character Animation

  • 100% photorealistic CG production and animation of real or fictional characters
  • Complex facial animation with realistic emotions

Technical Visualization

  • Of motors, car features, tool features, machines or other technical products
  • Highly complex technical issues explained in a simple or highly cinematic way


  • Creating driving shots with your specific vehicle at different locations, such as Côte d’Azur, Austrian Alps, Los Angeles, and more.
  • No photoshoots needed
  • Especially suitable for confidential concept cars
  • Full control of safety and weather conditions

More about Motionbox

  • Live-action photoshoots on location worldwide, with the latest film technology
  • Live-action photoshoots in combination with CG production
  • Full creative freedom
  • VFX supervision on site to ensure photoshoot results for a smooth postproduction workflow

Multi-content Reuse

  • Life cycle enhancement of pre-existing footage for worldwide market adaptions
  • Configuration or design changes, exchange of car model, playouts in various formats
  • Existing and new material can be combined without any limitations
  • High cost savings in production of market adaptations
  • More individual content required due to more communication channels
  • Better targeting and consistent communication

Future Content Production

  • Creative consulting on Full-CG real-time solutions
  • Full freedom of locations produced in Full-CG with photogrammetry and transferred to Realtime Engine
  • Virtual production with the Realtime Engine
  • Full production freedom due to virtual production offerings

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