Mackevision’s CGI solutions repeatedly create new benchmarks. Digitization and visualization have dramatically changed consumer behavior. Nowadays, fast, persuasive and impressive information and presentations in all B2B and B2C digital channels are expected.

Consequently, high-end visualization is also a highly attractive proposition for sales and marketing departments outside the automotive industry. We offer a one-stop visualization solution of services, innovative products, customized solutions and much more.

Real-time Solutions

Do away with the boundaries between real life and virtual reality and give your customers the opportunity to discover new worlds: with virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications by Mackevision.

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Shared Studio VR

Shared Studio VR offers you a collaboration platform that enables the high-quality visualization of complex technical aspects along with the interaction between people and the product. 

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Product Experience

CAD data are converted into visualization data, resulting in striking images and movies, which can be consumed interactively. They contribute to impressive product and brand experiences.

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Product Configurator

The internet is evolving more and more into a sales machine. Product configurations have proved to be the driving force. Above all, the configurator in the automobile industry is the strongest force behind this technology. Mackevision has set benchmarks in this sector.

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The innovation in moving images: Motionbox – the unique database of motion footage. We set the scene for your vehicles with high-quality pre-produced film material and customized CGI.

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Configuration Backbone

Configuration backbone (CoBa) serves to define and administer the complex configuration logic for data based visualization.

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Picture Shooter

With the Picture Shooter you will load a virtual studio onto your computer with which you can generate top quality marketing material aimed at specific target groups for diverse markets.

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Media Server

The Media Server is a dynamic data bank, which generates configurable images of products in a user-defined depth of configuration in premium quality and real time.

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Visual Effects

Visual effects (VFX) by Mackevision are increasingly playing a vital supporting role in movies, series and high-end commercials. We are specialized in a high degree of complexity and digital environments. A team of internationally experienced supervisors and excellent senior artists work in our VFX department.

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Visualization Data Management

The process is always identical, the result is always exciting. In order to transform the 3D data of industrial manufactured products from the aggregate state of construction data into a visualization model five steps must be carried out.

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CGI Productions & Film

CGI expands the creative horizon. Because everything that is conceivable in the mind’s eye, can be visualized with CGI. There are no limits to the possibilities.

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CGI Consulting

We are the leaders in our segment of digital visualization. That makes us a partner who is capable of looking far ahead. We develop concepts that combine individual needs with market oriented sustainability.

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