3D Data Models along the value chain

Digital transformation is not a future topic anymore. Change is here – in the way people think, work, live and buy. Consequently, more and more industrial companies are shifting towards a digital commerce and virtual working mindset. This drives the need for digital equivalents (Data Models) of their products.

Since mass visual content production and global delivery of versioned 3D assets is very complex, many companies struggle to realize the full digital potential.

This is where Mackevision comes into play: We advise and implement 3D data-based management and visualization processes to accompany companies into a new era of digital value creation.​ As a global leading CGI partner, we ensure that data processing and 3D rendering capabilities meet future requirements in terms of speed, volume and quality. We set the standards for exchange and reuse of visualization data between departments, create synergies and eliminate redundant efforts.


Our Approach

We help to embed digital equivalents of physical products as Master Data Models in a central Datahub to streamline their efficient use along the entire value chain. Without any software vendor lock-in.

Master Data Model

Creation of a single source of truth that contains 3D geometries and all relevant product meta-information such as material, behavior, configuration and market parameters.


Internal data management software to streamline all product data, embed all relevant information and thus simplify the creation of the Master Data Model.

3D Content at Scale

Delivery of high-quality visual contents for every use case and every pick-up system at any scale everywhere in the world.

Digitalize and streamline R&D processes

In many cases, data-based product visualization renders the physical product obsolete. Therefore, they are particularly valuable in the early stages of the value chain.

Unleash the next level of working

Real-time digital content enables enhanced virtual working methods, immersive learning and virtual training sessions.

Create engaging product experiences

From the Master Data Model, customized product versions can be derived at any scale to create more individually adaptable content to fuel customer interaction and engagement.

And this is just the beginning

Thanks to the streamlined Master Data Model, product visualization becomes very flexible while still centrally maintainable. Our high level of expertise in CGI consulting, data management, process automation and 3D visualization delivers tangible business outcomes for our clients: lower costs, zero redundancies, and overall, better quality assurance.

  • Life cycle management and process optimization
    Consistently connecting all relevant divisions from engineering and design all the way to  production, marketing and aftersales via a controlled database. This opening the door to efficient processes, minimization of errors and quality control.
  • Marketing Transformation
    Every industry needs to fully leverage new technologies to boost customer experience. Mackevision brings all kinds of products to life in a digitalized world.
  • E-Commerce Content
    Complex products and entire portfolios can be simulated, visualized and staged – in complete variance or configuration scope. For a more compelling B2B and B2C online shopping experience.
We create locally and scale globally

As part of the unmatched power of Accenture, we are able to generate value along the entire value chain, reimagine commerce and the way the industry interacts with their customers.​

Together, we deliver continuity from data to experience.

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