“The game is changing. Inspired by their experiences in other industries and the rise of new technologies, customers are seeking a new, modernized automotive sales journey.”

Accenture: The future of automotive sales, 2021


We transform customers into fans – with personal brand and product experiences and the unlimited possibilities of data-based media production.​

Mackevision is a global leader in CGI. We offer a production workflow that serves the entire customer journey starting from a product’s central Data Model. Consistent across all channels and globally scalable.​

Fascinating interactive solutions at all touchpoints are a foundation for success – especially in automotive. We combine industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology to create unique solutions for our customers’ target groups – end-to-end, of course.


We generate all digital formats from one central source. This source is the Data Model, the digital mirror image of a real product – a vehicle, for example. Thanks to the Data Model, every touch point can be provided with fascinating personalized content.

A flexible, modular offering instead of rigid system solutions
Dynamic Visual Content Solutions
Web Configurator

Static becomes interactive – the digital self-service experience must be just as fascinating as reality.

Digital business can only grow sustainably if the interaction with the vehicle is intuitive and implemented in high quality. This requires detailed 3D environments, inspiring motion design and a concept for self-exploration of invisible software-based functions. We bring all of this seamlessly to every device.

Digital Showroom

Local hardware becomes cloud-based streaming – products can be restaged easily and at any time.

Whether at the actual point of sale or as part of an online appointment – a visualizer stages the vehicle in a virtual environment and can thus support digital sales.
Thanks to the cloud solution, no high-performance hardware is required for a thrilling product experience. Time-to-market is extremely shortened, and deploying new versions becomes much easier. Best of all: cloud streaming enables interaction on any device along the entire customer journey.

Digital Asset Studio

Content Creation becomes a Service – it is made available on demand in maximum quality.

Content as a Service (CaaS) means: Content is requested either via a front end or via the API – and provided directly. From expert mode to one-click asset download based on predefined templates, different levels of content generation can be activated.


We know from experience: There is always a variety of requirements for each asset. That’s why our content pipeline gives you complete flexibility in deciding which output format will best achieve the desired effect. Whereas static creation of marketing materials used to be paramount, today it’s all about a combination of creativity, visual excellence and – crucially – technology, that generates branded content dynamically and plays it out without loss of time or quality. Mackevision offers all of this.

Increased efficiencies with more automated, streamlined process​

“63.4% cost savings over traditional photography due to content reuse in a single source publishing model”

Leading Global ​Automotive OEM Client

Reduced design and production costs

“450 times more image content delivered within same cost and time parameters while maintaining photo-realistic quality”

Leading Global ​Automotive OEM Client

Accelerated time to market and adaptability to emerging formats​​

“44% time reduction in custom image creation for dealer catalog”

Leading Japanese Marketing Agency

Impactful and scalable brand experience across all touchpoints and platforms​

“58% reduction in multi-device image setup and storage costs”

Leading Global ​Automotive OEM Client

More revenue due to a better product staging of the overall product variety

“15-30% up-selling potential could be achieved in average by a better product presentation within client conversations.”

Leading Global ​Automotive OEM Client
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