4. September 2018
NEXT Conference 2018: Mackevision on Digital Twins and the Future of XR

Digital influencers, decision-makers and creatives from various industries will meet on the 20/21st of September at the NEXT Conference along the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. Following the motto “Digital Fix – Fix Digital”, people are becoming the focus of discussions around the development of digital solutions. For the first time, Mackevision will attend the digital festival in Hamburg as a Session Partner and promises insights into cases about the Digital Twin and the future of XR (Extended Realities).


The NEXT Conference is an international digital festival held in the heart of Hamburg, which transforms the city into a hotspot of the European digital scene for two days. This year‘s topics include people-centered innovation, humanitarian design, socially relevant issues and technology trends whose impact on people will be at the digital festival’s core.

Mackevision, a Session Partner for the first time this year, will be present with exciting projects and insights. The CGI-experts based in Stuttgart combine the principle of Single-Source-Publishing with an increasingly data-driven approach. The Digital Twin is thus becoming a focal point for data-driven marketing of the future. The potential applications of product and real-time visualizations as well as digital twins in marketing are immense. Concepts like omnichannel auto retail or augmented reality apps are still in the early stages and will accentuate human beings as the focus of the development of digital solutions.

As Executive Creative Director at Mackevision, Steffen Bärenfänger will explain in his keynote how Mackevision is able to shape the digital future of customer experience and what concrete implementation for customers looks like. He will provide insights into current cases and demonstrate how virtual technology can enhance customers’ product experiences, simultaneously increasing satisfaction. Furthermore, he will break down how such technologies have and will continue to affect the entertainment industry, brands, business, and ultimately consumer behavior.

When & where?
Attend the Keynote at the festival’s Mobility Track on the Copper House Stage on Thursday, the 20th of September at 4:15 PM.

Additional Mackevision experts will be available for meetings and discussions throughout the festival and look forward to welcoming you to the Accenture Interactive stand at the Copper House.


Find detailed information about the program under the following link:

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