Innovation in moving images

Breathtaking landscapes. Dramatic changes in weather. Dynamic curves. We bring the images in your mind to life. We set the scene for your vehicles using a combination of high-quality pre-produced film material and customized CGI. In locations worldwide. In impressive quality.

High-end films with a resolution of up to 4K and frame rates of up to 50 frames per second. For product presentations, trade fairs, events and a lot more – test the possibilities offered by the Motionbox.

Exactly suitable & available

Motionbox explained in 2 minutes

Efficient use of budget

The possibilities offered by our unique database of moving images mean that you save on pre-production and scheduling and avoid weather risks and nasty surprises. You determine what you need: “Footage only” with moving images to enrich your films or “Footage & Car”, which includes CGI integration of your vehicle.

Product updates or customizations can therefore be implemented quickly and cost effectively. Get your product out there.

More financial freedom

More options

Effective Time Management

Particularly in the automotive market, speed is a considerable competitive advantage: The Motionbox saves you a lot of time – we complete your production from the conceptual design phase through to post-production in just a few days.

You will know your end product in advance because you will know the film sequences already when you start.

Time for creativity

Time for your ideas

Borgward BX5

Motionbox Making-Of

Find out how Motionbox footage significantly enhanced the premiere clip for the Borgward BX5 for the Auto Show Guangzhou 2016.

Motionbox – the advantages

  • Large number of different locations spanning the globe
  • Wide variety of landscapes
  • Spectacular cityscapes/urban landscapes
  • Generic vehicle animation, adaptable to meet specific needs
  • CG vehicle integration by the world’s market leader
  • Customizable shot durations
  • Resolution: 2K/4K
  • Frame rate: 25/50 fps
  • Final shot production with or without grading
  • Standard or custom animation
  • Various licensing options including: 1 years, 2 years or unlimited
  • Commercial or non-commercial usage
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