14. March 2017
The Motionbox fascinates the automotive sector

The latest issue of the “Automotive Industries” explains the Motionbox of Mackevision by sampling all its delights: High-end 3D visualizations add a new dimension to car marketing.


Mackevisions Motionbox introduced an all-in-one solution, a moving image library that is specially adapted to the automotive sector. Without any shootings users are able to produce their own high-end film for exhibitions, product presentations and events immediately in a very efficient way. The characteristic features are optimized image sections and tracking shots which are specially projected for the requirements of the automotive industry.

The integration of prototypes and “show cars” is easy to realize. This saves production costs significantly while keeping the effort on a low level: no need to camouflage vehicles, to transport crews and cars, to block roads and to take delays into account due to bad weather conditions.

“Automotive Industries” looks for both technical innovations and cost saving opportunities for the automotive sector and has discovered a pioneering option in the Motionbox by Mackevision.

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