4. September 2017
Mackevision wins at the Automotive Brand Contest 2017

Mackevision will receive an award at the international design competition for automotive brands at the IAA in Frankfurt on 12th September. The presentation of the “Kia Stinger” convinced the jury and receives the award in the category “campaign”.


On 12th September, the Automotive Brand Contest 2017 awards will be presented at the IAA in Frankfurt. Mackevision’s commercial for the Kia Stinger fulfilled the standards for a successful brand presentation. The Design Committee’s assessment examines the entire design spectrum from the vehicle design and concept to the brand design and multimedia networking as well as the consistent presentation of the brand across among all of the media and products.

Mackevision has been recognized for the outstanding product and communication design along with the fundamental meaning of the brand itself as part of the project presentation of the Kia Stinger. For the product launch of the new Kia Stinger, Mackevision developed an inspiring product experience. The company combined in-depth CGI expertise with years of experience in vehicle animation to create a dynamic digital demonstration of the imposing sports sedan.

All of the services of Mackevision were provided in-house. The visual reveal of the high-end commercial by the implementation of the final product in a full CGI production included editing within the shortest time-frame: this visualization appears much closer to an even more real than the reality itself.

When and where?

Tuesday, 12th September | IAA | Frankfurt am Main

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