11. July 2016
Mackevision wins “Automotive Brand Contest 2016” with Toyota Commercial

Mackevision receives again the internationally coveted award of the Automotive Brand Contest in the category “Campaign” for its Toyota Auris Hybrid commercial.


In an underground scenery in Milan, Italy, professional soccer player Keisuke Honda gets in a Toyota Auris Hybrid. Right in front of him a gate opens, and he steps on the gas. Driving through the tunnel only the dashboard shows him how far he is traveling. Ultimately he reaches Tokyo, Japan.

The spot has been honored at the Automotive Brand Contest by an international expert jury in the category “Campaign”. The Automotive Brand Contest is a unique design contest for automotive brands and has been developed to an important industry event.

In this Toyota commercial Mackevision, a global leader in Computer Generated Images (CGI), was responsible for the car animation, the conception and realization of the computer generated environments and the virtual underground and tunnel scenery.

Mackevision’s VFX artists in Stuttgart and Hamburg created 12 VFX (Visual Effects), with 4 full CG shots (computer generated). In collaboration with Tohokushinsha Film Corporation the 60 second commercial has been completed in only 6 weeks.


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