13. October 2017
Mackevision at the Volkswagen AG Group Conference Virtual Technologies

Volkswagen AG’s 18th Group Conference Virtual Technologies takes place from 17th to 18th October at the CongressPark in Wolfsburg. This year, Mackevision is also attending and will present virtual reality technologies at the group conference, in keeping with this year’s motto: “Best Practice, Requirements and Challenges.”

This year’s Volkswagen AG group conference brings together experts in virtual technologies for two days. The aim is to create a network that spans the markets. This network will enable experts to support each other with their extensive experience and discuss the latest developments in the various sectors.

Kian Saemian, Senior Manager Business Development and Söhnke Christiansen, Executive Producer at Mackevision, present a comprehensive look at the new Shared Studio VR. The Shared Studio VR is a collaboration platform where highly complex and demanding developments, such as exterior or interior designs, can be visualized and discussed in real time. “Designers and engineers can collaborate and look at their projects and products on a 1:1 scale, in a realistic environment and in real time — regardless of their location,” says Kian Saemian, explaining the advantages of Shared Studio VR. “Today companies are facing the challenge of how to present new, innovative products to their customers quickly and affordably, while still making a lasting impression. In this context, our Shared Studio VR facilitates a standardized approval procedure across different departments at every point in the development process, in premium quality and at every location. Which effectively makes us a time-to-market turbocharger,” adds Söhnke Christiansen.

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