7. February 2018
Mackevision sponsors 20th Caligari advancement awards of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

The 20th Caligari advancement awards presented by the Development Association of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg take place on 27th February. The awards recognize especially talented academy students. Mackevision sponsors the event and supports this important award for young film-makers.

The Development Association of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg will host the 20th Caligari advancement awards on 27.02.2018. The prizes recognize especially talented students from the Film Academy and include support and funding for the award winners’ projects carried out in the course of their studies. Following the nominations, the winners receive their awards in front of a selected audience from the film, television and media industry and examples of their work are presented.

Mackevision numbers among the sponsors and supports the efforts of the talented young artists as part of its long-standing collaboration with the Film Academy. The close relationship between the Film Academy and Mackevision is primarily due to the many freelance and full-time Mackevision employees who studied and learned their trade at the Academy in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the VFX Supervisor, Juri Stanossek, assists the students with their project work and shares his experience in his role as a lecturer. Heiko Burkardsmaier, Head of Business & Legal Affairs, also supports the Film Academy as a guest lecturer.

When and where?

27.02.2018 | 7:30 p.m. | Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

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