11. December 2017
Mackevision and Nishikawa Communications announce strategic partnership

December 11, 2017, Stuttgart/Nagoya – Mackevision Medien Design GmbH in Germany and Nishikawa Communications Co. Ltd. (NICO) in Japan announce a broad partnership that enhances NICO’s position in marketing by leveraging Mackevision’s advanced 3D technology and content platform. The strategic alliance enables NICO to provide high-quality 3D as well as CG images and films that are required by domestic manufacturers including automotive companies, for effective marketing activities.


Interaction between brands and target groups is becoming increasingly important. In the age of digitization, brands and consumers encounter, mutually inspire and learn from one another. As a result, digital channels are progressively enhancing brand communications. Addressing the rise in customer touchpoints, Mackevision develops complete and integrated Single Source Publishing solutions (SSP) in which content is created once, maintained in a central location and can be utilized as often as desired. As a result, customers always receive the content they need at any specific time, based on their personal interaction history. Aim is, to provide customers with the very best visualization support and ensure harmonized and integrated brand and product communication,

In Japan, the product design and product marketing workflows are completely separate. Therefore, NICO has long been exploring the possibility of efficiently utilizing 3D and CGI as part of their marketing activities. “I am extremely happy to commence the strategic alliance with Mackevision, a leader in the CGI industry, where commercially viable 3D technologies such as Virtual Reality applications are evolving so rapidly,” explains Eiichi Nishikawa, President at NICO. “3D and CGI are capable of offering countless variations, new means of expression and will play an important role in improving the productivity of one-to-one communication. This represents the most important factor in digital marketing. I feel that Japan has started out late in the field of digital marketing in comparison with Western markets. NICO’s challenge is to bring added values to domestic marketing based on the track record achieved by Mackevision worldwide as quickly as possible.”

Mackevision’s solutions have proven themselves in the European and North American automotive markets for more than 20 years. Mackevision ensures high-quality technical expertise in CGI production and content delivery while NICO will support Mackevision with expanding its business. “We are very happy to team up with NICO. Our partnership is an important milestone in our expansion in Japan. We are looking forward to a great cooperation, successful projects and business opportunities in the future” states Armin Pohl, CEO of Mackevision.

Mackevision’s content platform efficiently provides customers with a standardized, high-quality brand experience that they expect anytime and anywhere.

Utilizing the system platform that Mackevision has developed, NICO will be capable of creating a single source publishing pipeline for its clients. This data-based approach allows complex product customization with every form of marketing material. The tools and solutions allow complex configuration systems as well as content production that benefit from intelligent CG data to create state-of-the-art customer experiences.



About Mackevision Medien Design GmbH (

Mackevision Medien Design GmbH is one of the global market leaders in computer generated imagery (CGI.) The company provides data-based 3D visualization, animation and visual effects. It designs and produces image and film material, as well as interactive applications in high-end quality. It develops technological solutions for generating images and covers the entire CGI process, from data preparation and creative design to the finished product. Its international team works with major corporations, SMEs and their agencies. Mackevision was founded in 1994. Today more than 500 people work for the company at its headquarters in Stuttgart and its branches in Munich, Hamburg, Birmingham, Florence, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

About Nishikawa Communications Co. Ltd. (

NICO was founded in 1906 and excels in the printing industry, information and communications technology. NICO offers services and products to customers such as marketing, promotion, advertising, printing, logistics and eco-friendly labels. NICO’s services are highly appreciated by leading companies in the automobile, energy and retail fields. NICO’s headquarters are located in Nagoya and Tokyo, and the company maintains offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Hamamatsu in Japan. In addition, NICO has group companies in India and Singapore.

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