18. October 2016
Mackevision Looks Back on a Successful Year

Stuttgart-based Mackevision Medien Design GmbH, a specialist in data-based visualization and computer generated imagery (CGI), looks back during a press event at its successes this year and provides a glimpse at new projects.

The automotive industry knows all about the Mackevision Medien Design GmbH experts. The company has been designing and producing images and film material, as well as interactive applications in high-end quality for over 20 years. It develops technological solutions for generating images and accompanies the entire CGI process from data preparation to creative design to the finished product for corporations, SMEs and agencies. “We’re experienced experts when it comes to crafting digital films and images. Consequently we have in-depth knowledge of the market and the challenges our clients face. Our data-based visualization solutions stand apart for their top quality, creativity and reliability. In our company we combine expertise and innovativeness to implement the right solutions specifically for our clients. We can create any visuals in customized, market-specific configurations within a short space of time and in exceptional quality,” explains Armin Pohl, Mackevision’s CEO. Mackevision is one of the biggest media industry employers in the Stuttgart region. It has a workforce of over 450 consisting of primarily young and highly skilled specialists with technical, creative and commercial backgrounds on board.

Real-Time Technologies for a new era of Conveying Experiences

Mackevision supports its automotive clients, not just with visualization projects but along the whole customer journey. And virtual reality applications are playing an increasingly bigger role in the process. Because expectations are rising – customers need to be approached seamlessly across various channels, devices and platforms from the first point of contact to the purchase. The customer journey is captured and accompanied with targeted immersive visualization to address target groups via the relevant channels. “Virtual worlds are the new realities – the borders between virtual and genuine reality are becoming ever more blurred. Through our visualization solutions we unleash the real and the digital and combine both to create new realities. Digital is no longer the opposite of real,” comments Pohl when describing the impact of the new real time technologies which are today becoming more and more accessible for the majority of users due to augmented reality games like Pokémon Go. Mackevision combines digital imagery generation with 3D real time technology, therefore giving end customers the change to experience complex and varied products like never before. Through real time applications product visualizations can be experienced interactively.

Visual Film Effects for Hollywood

Thanks to interesting projects, Mackevision’s reputation as experts for visual effects in films has continued to grow again this year too. One reason is that the technology applied has set new benchmarks. In the sixth season of the successful Game of Thrones series the last few minutes of the final episode presented wholly new technological issues to the VFX experts. A digital armada of a good 400 ships was to cross the open sea. A huge amount of work and time were involved in making these scenes look as real as possible. The company created a total of 62 complex VFX shots for the sixth season this year. The experience gained and success achieved through the collaboration led to more orders from the movie industry. As a result, some of the visual effects Mackevision created in 2016 included Independence Day 2 and The Shannara Chronicles.

New Projects and a New Film Database for the Automotive Industry

This year, in its core automotive field Mackevision came up with several high end vehicle visualizations for well-known automotive manufacturers. The visualizations include TV commercials for the new Toyota Auris Hybrid and the Mercedes E-Class T-model. For BMW AG Mackevision produced six highly complex computer-generated shots of a robot that were then integrated into film that had actually been made.  Another highlight this year was the launch of the Motionbox on the automotive market. This film database is an all-in-one solution that delivers pre-produced film material. Consequently, high-end films for trade fairs, product presentations, events and much more can be made directly and efficiently without any expensive shoots. By using the Motionbox users avoid shoot planning, scheduling, time-consuming and costly production trips and weather risks. They save time that can in turn be invested in quality management and finish, sparks creative potential and makes room for new ideas. For example, vehicle animations can be chosen to suit preferences and diverse camera settings can add more variety to the choice of scenes.

New Branch in Beijing

In 2016, another milestone underscored Mackevision’s success story. The new branch in Beijing opened for business in April. “Over the last few years we’ve evolved into one of the leading CGI solution providers worldwide; our new branch in China will allow us to continue down this path. Because it’s important for us that our clients are nearby,” comments Pohl.

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