9. April 2019
Mackevision Expands Management Team in APAC
Beatrix Frisch, General Manager China, is promoted to Regional Director APAC, based in Beijing

April 8, 2019, Beijing – Mackevision, an industry leader in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), has recently announced new appointments for its APAC operations. Beatrix Frisch, General Manager China operations, was promoted to Regional Director for the APAC region. Mrs. Frisch is now responsible for the management and coordination of Mackevision’s overall business in the APAC market. Meanwhile, Mrs. Frisch continues to serve as General Manager for China, leading the team to provide visualization and CGI services for the Chinese market. As part of the promotion round, Mr. Johannes Rammensee, formerly Head of Production, China, has been promoted to Head of Production for APAC.

Mrs. Frisch joined Mackevision in 2015 with over 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry in China, serving a number of leading automotive manufacturers in the volume and high-end segments. She set to reorganize Mackevision China and establish the company’s first China production center in Beijing, opened in 2016. Her excellent management skills and thorough understanding of the Chinese market led her and the China team to achieve significant business growth, providing high quality visualization service for many automotive customers including SAIC, Car & Home, Weltmeister, AIWAYS and Mercedes-Benz. The team provides services in still imagery, film and real-time applications.

Talking about Mrs. Frisch’s new role, Armin Pohl, Global CEO of Mackevision, said: “The APAC region is going through tremendous digital development which offers great potential for Mackevision, especially in China’s fast-growing economy. The new appointments mark an important step for our growth in the region, solidifying APAC as a key geography for us. Beatrix’ experience and dedication has been a cornerstone to our success in China. Her understanding of market characteristics in the whole region and client challenges in a digital centric economy make her the right person to take the expanded role to create emotional connections for clients with digital content across Asia”.

“APAC is becoming an important driving force in the global digital economy and holds enormous market potential. As a global leading company in CGI, Mackevision relies on its own technical strength and years of industry experience, invaluable assets to further expand our service in APAC for a wide range of industry customers and provide them with unparalleled immersive visualization solutions. I am honored to take the position of Regional Director, APAC, and look forward to further leading the growth and development of Mackevision in the APAC region.”, Mrs. Frisch adds upon her promotion.

Mackevision currently operates with five offices in APAC, including Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. The Seoul team now has 68 members and provides services for Hyundai, Kia, LG and many other customers. Tokyo is in the process of setting up an independent production center to offer automotive visualizations for customers in the automotive industry, such as Nissan, Toyota and Honda, while non-auto clients are developing as well. The new appointments and investment in the APAC region will drive Mackevision to achieve further continuous growth in APAC and to provide high quality digital content solutions to many more customers.

Mackevision Medien Design GmbH

Mackevision Medien Design GmbH is one of the global market leaders in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI.) It provides data-based 3D visualization, animation and visual effects. The company designs and produces image and film material along with interactive applications with high-end quality. It also develops technological solutions for image creation and supports the entire CGI process from data preparation to the creative design to the final product. The international team supports major brands, middle-sized companies and their agencies. Mackevision was founded in 1994 and is part of Accenture Interactive since 2018. Today, more than 600 employees work at the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart and at its branches in Munich, Hamburg, Birmingham, Florence, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

Its China headquarters, Mackevision CG Technology Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, was registered and established in Shanghai in 2012, and in late 2015, the production center was established in Beijing.

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