4. June 2018
Mackevision China Wins “Best Enterprise Application” Award from Epic Games

June 4, 2018, Shanghai, China – Mackevision Medien Design GmbH’s, a global leader in computer generated imagery (CGI) providing data-based 3D visualization, animation and visual effects for clients worldwide, is honored to announce that its China entity Mackevision CG Technologies has been awarded for “Best Enterprise Application” at Epic Games’ 2018 Unreal Open Day in Shanghai. The award, delivered on May 24th, 2018, recognizes Mackevision’s highly regarded and industry-leading capabilities in developing Real-time applications for the automotive industry using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Epic Games’ 2018 Open Day brought together Unreal Engine application developers and experts from all over the world during a two-day event to discuss innovative uses of the famed engine for the 4th consecutive year. As the only non-game development recognition awarded by Epic Games, the title of “Best Enterprise Application” has gained a special place in the lineup of awards, shedding light on innovative companies such as Mackevision, a company constantly innovating to improve the processes of data visualization, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital information.


“This award is a testament to the hard work the Mackevision team does, often behind the scenes due to client confidentiality requirements,” said Johannes Rammensee, Head of Production, Mackevision China, “it is also a great recognition from Epic Games for Mackevision as we work with them closely to find new ways to use their Unreal Engine to visualize all types of data and simulate the real world.”

In a keynote speech at the event titled “Setting New Benchmarks in Quality and Complexity in the Automotive Industry: Introducing the Digital Twin”, Johannes introduced how Mackevision’s use of Real-time solutions opens up new horizons in terms of interaction between a user and digitalized product models, especially for the automotive industry. By means of a Digital Twin, a concept rooted in Mackevision’s Single-Source-Publishing (SSP) principle, every modification that occurs on the physical counterpart of a car model is mirrored on the Digital Twin in real time. This Digital Twin can be managed just as efficiently as a software program and its lifecycle – including regular updates and ongoing adaptation to new requirements and environments.


Mike Wilschewski, Project Team Lead at Mackevision China, introduced the benefits of applying Unreal Engine 4’s technology in automotive image production: “Traditional automotive CGI production requires long sequential processes such as modeling, animation, rendering and post-production. By applying Real-time technology, designers can modify the image and display the effect in real time based on customer feedback, thereby shortening image production processes, reducing communication cost with customers and increasing overall efficiency.”

In the same keynote session, Fisher Dai, Head of Real-Time Production Team at Mackevision China, discussed how the team’s original target was to achieve 90% of the photorealism of off-line rendering with Real-time technology, a huge challenge as Unreal Engine and Vray apply different working logic, but thanks to a lot of investment in research and the team’s years’ of experience, the goal was eventually surpassed. The quality of finished products with Real-time rendering is now very close to the quality of traditional rendering techniques.


“The recognition by Epic with this award means a lot to us”, says Beatrix Frisch, General Manager of Mackevision China. “It shows the possibilities of a close cooperation between software developer and users to define the best application practice for something that was not originally intended for usage outside of the gaming world. We are very happy about the constant exchange with the Epic team and will certainly continue this successful path.”

In 2013, Mackevision set up its Chinese branch with an initial team of 4 people covering sales and consulting, while production was handled by the company’s branches in Germany and other international locations. The China team recently reached 35 highly trained local and international experts and offers automotive image production services as well as visual production services such as video, AR and VR experiences, product configurators and virtual showrooms for Chinese clients including SAIC-MG, AIWAYS and WM (Weltmeister).

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