27. March 2018
Jim Button hits the silver screen and Mackevision played its part
Mandala made in Stuttgart

It’s a place that everyone’s heard of: the legendary kingdom of Mandala from “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver”. On March 29, just in time for Easter, the story arrives on the big screen in Germany.

For us that’s not just exciting, it’s a proud moment as well, because Mackevision was responsible for some of the visual effects in this children’s film.

It was an ambitious and above all complex project. Mandala was recreated at Filmpark Babelsberg, the desert shots were filmed in Cape Town, while the scenes in Mandala were captured in a hall against a green backdrop or ‘green screen’, as it’s known in the trade. All the rest was created at Mackevision in Stuttgart‘s Bosch-Areal: the splendid houses with their colorful flags and lanterns, the Emperor’s palace and even the addition of the tiny great-grandchildren.

For us, working on Jim Button was a labor of love.

From March 29 we will be posting background stories, our VFX breakdown and other information online – so stay tuned!

Watch the VFX making-of and read the full case

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