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Emotional images, product videos, commercials and interactive web applications have become inextricably linked. Images create emotions and awake desires. They inspire, fascinate and impress. In brand communications, images represent everything we see and process through our eyes. Visual communication appeals to the emotions and senses, and can be experienced better and more intensively than the written word.

This is where premium visual brand communications can play an important role. To leave a lasting impression, the visual elements must be optimally designed and coordinated. 

Our CGI experts create digital product visualizations that can be configured and used anywhere. Thanks to flexible modularization, the content can be published in a wide variety of formats. 

Our award-winning professionals for feature films, series and premium commercials specialize in challenging scenarios and digital environments, letting us provide you and your brand with a unique pool of expertise. Using CGI, VFX and virtual and augmented reality, you can put your customers at the heart of your stories, forging a highly emotional shared experience with the potential to create brand loyalty that goes beyond products and services.

Put your customers at the heart of your stories with CGI, VFX and VR / AR technologies.

Inspiring Digital Content Creation

Awaking the magic of your story to delight a wide audience.

Technology and images converge to take storytelling to new heights. We generate passion for your product and inspire your customers. Applying our single source publishing principle, we develop holistic, integrated services and guarantee digital product updates at any place and any time. Our digital product visualization can be configured and used anywhere, with flexible modularization that allows publications in a wide variety of formats. We produce fitting visual and digital content for every stage of your brand communications.

Our full-service VFX team is at your side from the concept/scriptwriting phase until final visual effect production, including assistance during the shoot, with storyboards and concepts for feature films, series and high-end TV commercials.

Our portfolio
Visualization Data Management

We cover all the processes you require, from data preparation to visualization. This way we can guarantee reproducible quality for all your media productions worldwide.

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CGI Productions

CGI has been our core competence for more than twenty years. We produce computer-generated visual content for high-end TV commercials, print campaigns, web specials and configurators for the worlds’ most renowned brands. We offer full-CGI productions or combine them with live-action footage.

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Visual Effects (VFX)

We offer full VFX service for feature films, series and high-end TV commercials, from the concept and scriptwriting phase to final visual effect production. We create an exceptional visual production for you that will leave a lasting impression.

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Game of Thrones: Superlative storytelling

Animated sequences are now an established feature of the film industry. CGI and VFX effects are bringing storytelling closer and closer to perfection. Only an expert will generally appreciate the level of technological complexity involved in the creation of this realistic imagery. The viewer is often unable to distinguish between what was actually filmed and what has been generated digitally.

And this is where the expertise of Mackevision comes into play: creating on-screen imagery that is indistinguishable from reality. One of the flagship projects of the VFX department is its work on the epic series Game of Thrones.

Toyota Auris Hybrid: Integrated brand communication with high-end visualization solutions

Demand for moving images produced to the highest quality continues to grow. For their product and brand launches, companies often want films that involve highly complex digital environments. Toyota wished to promote the launch of the Auris Hybrid in Japan with a TV commercial in which the car is driven through an underground tunnel from Milan to Japan in a matter of seconds.

Mackevision was responsible for the car animation and for the conception and realization of the CGI virtual tunnel environment. Four of the twelve VFX­ shots were entirely computer-generated and are particularly notable for their photorealistic quality.

KIA: Fast-moving images that are more real than the real thing

Korean automakers KIA will be launching their new Stinger model on the German market at the end of 2017. KIA wanted to create spectacular visual experiences for prospective customers that give the new model a powerful emotional charge. The goal was to use the medium of film in the build-up to the Stinger launch to spark an enduring desire to go out and buy the vehicle.

The KIA commission was new territory for Mackevision – the Stinger animation was the first time that the company had produced a fully simulated animation with no manual operations.

By taking this approach it was possible to deliver both genuine efficiency gains and enhanced realism, despite the fact that the film’s visual concept called for a mix of clean plates and stands in the same shots. Mackevision’s animation offers its customer KIA Motors Ltd. a dazzling array of options for capturing prospective customers’ imagination for the new Stinger.

Jaguar: Powerful brand. Powerful emotions.

The Art of Performance Tour 2017 offers Jaguar fans a unique opportunity to try out some of the luxury brand’s hottest new vehicles for themselves. Prospective customers have the chance to experience a test drive of models such as the new F-TYPE sports car and the XF business saloon at a variety of locations including the legendary Nürburgring. The idea was to produce personalized movies that keep the real-life tour experience alive by rekindling the positive emotions it aroused time and again, long after the event itself is over.

Mackevision designed a standalone, mobile VFX green screen studio that could be assembled quickly and efficiently at any tour location. As well as high-end camera equipment, the VFX studio setup includes a car seat where up to four different takes of tour visitors can be filmed from two camera angles. At the same time, Mackevision also developed and produced three short movies in which spectacular visual effects provide a thrilling backdrop for a range of driver emotions.

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