Industry Offerings

More and more technical possibilities and ever more rapidly changing user needs, pose challenges for every industry today. The growing number of digital assets alone brings enormous complexity. By creating a central Data Model, we enable the digital staging of real products along the entire value chain. Thus, we are able to provide the decisive impetus for the digital transformation of the entire company.​ Learn more about our Industry Solutions for Retail, Automotive and Industry X.​

Digital Twins
in Retail

How we accelerate supply chains and improve customer experiences.

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Data models for the automotive industry

How we use the Data Model to create immersive digital experiences and turn customers into fans.

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Industry X: Unlocking the power of data

How we make entire companies fit for all digital requirements with just one data source.

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Experience Connections

Dynamic Visual Content Solutions is a concrete response to the needs of your customers across all touchpoints with your brand. We offer your customers relevant, customized, localized and emotional product experiences. We provide you and your company with holistic, integrated services. For every phase of your value chain we produce fascinating content and provide the right information and solutions at the appropriate time – with the focus always on delivering benefits and added value for your customers.

Digital Lifecycle Management

We help to raise efficiencies and drastically increase impact.

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Seamless Customer Journey

We enable product staging in a consistent, user-friendly, and inspiring way.

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Inspiring Digital Content Creation

Technology and images converge to take storytelling to new heights.

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