11. September 2017
IAA 2017: Mackevision presents VR technologies & Motionbox Release
  • Mackevision is main sponsor of Automotive Designers’ Night held in conjunction with Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)
  • Mackevision debuts new slogan, “to create reality”
  • Two new additions to Mackevision portfolio, Shared Studio VR and Motionbox Designer Studio, deliver on promise of “Fascinating Connections”

Stuttgart, September 12, 2017 – Mackevision Medien Design GmbH has taken its own brand story to the next level and at Automotive Designers’ Night this evening will be showcasing its unique portfolio of products and services designed “to create reality” – which is also the new claim of the Mackevision brand.

For more than 20 years now, Mackevision has been developing technological solutions for 3D visualizations. As a driving force in the digital transformation process, Mackevision supports and stewards its customers throughout the digitalization of their sales channels across all customer touchpoints. The brand’s promise of “Fascinating Connections” reflects the continuous development of its portfolio. Fascinating Connections builds bridges between brands and their customers. To this end, Mackevision develops the digital continuity required for brands to generate a seamless journey for their customers.

Mackevision CEO Armin Pohl believes that the company’s strategic development and the resulting impact on its portfolio of products and services are reflections of the zeitgeist. “With ‘to create reality’ we are launching into a new era of communications and this is reflected in our portfolio. By applying our technological vision and our efficient single-source publishing principle we create relevant and inspiring product and brand experiences that leave a lasting impression. As pioneers and partners to our customers, we are proud to give digitalization a tangible form and features by generating fascinating media content, opening up digital marketplaces, and developing and implementing innovative digital business models.”


Shared Studio VR: Virtual reality in design and product development

One innovation from Mackevision is significantly accelerating the digital product development process: Shared Studio VR is a platform that facilitates collaboration during what are technically highly complex and structurally challenging development phases. The exterior or interior design, for instance, can be visualized in real time, viewed by multiple users and commented on. Not only can the designers gain insights by interacting with the digital prototype, but the entire team also benefits from seeing each other’s reactions and feedback. This reduces the need for full-scale prototypes, cutting costs and boosting productivity, because at the critical early stages of the development process, Shared Studio VR allows everyone involved to contribute their expertise and make decisions.

“Designers and engineers can collaborate and look at their projects and products on a 1:1 scale, in a realistic environment and in real time – regardless of their location,” says Kian Saemian, Senior Manager for Business Development at Mackevision, explaining how companies can benefit from Shared Studio VR. “Today companies are facing the challenge of how to present new, innovative products to their customers quickly and affordably, while still making a lasting impression. In this context, our Shared Studio VR facilitates a standardized approval procedure across different departments at every point in the development process, in premium quality and at every location. Which effectively makes us a time-to-market turbocharger.”


Motionbox Designer Studio: Moving image library for the automotive sector

Launched last year to resounding success, Motionbox has quickly become one of the stars of Mackevision’s broad-based portfolio. A unique moving image library developed specially for the automotive sector, Motionbox provides companies with an all-in-one moving image solution with no need at all for live shooting. Tailored specifically to the needs of the industry, it enables anyone to step into the shoes of the director and efficiently produce high-end video material themselves for trade shows and events, product presentations, and much more.

Vehicles are showcased efficiently and effectively using a combination of high-quality pre-produced material and customized CGI, eliminating the need to invest time and money in the risk-laden business of shooting a film. Furthermore, once a film sequence has been created, a highly automated process can be used to update it with design changes, different configurations, product innovations, or even an entirely different model of vehicle with exact reproducibility. This frees up valuable resources to focus on the design process itself.

At Automotive Designers’ Night Mackevision will be presenting its new release: Tailored to the needs of design departments, Motionbox Designer Studio will offer the option of using CGI assets to visualize vehicle designs along the existing in-house value chain in live action sequences – be it to evaluate design variants during the development process, to support internal design communications, or as a basis for decision-making during the design approval process. The CGI assets include complete 3D data for streets and environments as well as information on lighting and reflections. If required, moving image sequences from locations that speak to the character of the product or the mindset of the target group can be used.

“Motionbox Designer Studio simplifies and accelerates the design visualization process. Design departments can draw on a complete data set that makes it easy for them to achieve photorealistic visualization of a vehicle for themselves,” says Volker Hummel, Product Manager for Motionbox at Mackevision. “It is our aim to help our customers set the perfect scene for their products and brands from the design process onward. As a reliable partner in the age of digitalization, we support OEMs during every phase – throughout the entire product development process and the customer journey – with a portfolio of products and services that is designed to master the challenges of the future.”

At this year’s Automotive Brand Contest, Mackevision was honored for its work on the KIA Stinger launch film in the Campaign category. You can find more information here.

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Mackevision Medien Design GmbH is one of the global market leaders in computer generated imagery (CGI.) The company provides data-based 3D visualization, animation and visual effects. It designs and produces image and film material, as well as interactive applications in high-end quality. It develops technological solutions for generating images and covers the entire CGI process, from data preparation and creative design to the finished product. Its international team works with major corporations, SMEs and their agencies. Mackevision was founded in 1994. Today more than 500 people work for the company at its headquarters in Stuttgart and its branches in Munich, Hamburg, Birmingham, Florence, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

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