4. December 2017
GTC Tokyo: Technical Session with Kian Saemian

Following the GTC Europe, Mackevision also participates in the GTC Japan taking place on December 12 and 13 in Tokyo. Kian Saemian will hold a keynote speech regarding “Shared Studio VR”.

The GTC Japan (GPU Technology Conference) is Japan’s largest GPU expo and takes place in the capital city of Tokyo. Organised by NVIDIA, the two-day event includes discussions about new developments in artificial intelligence, lectures about medical care and keynote speeches addressing virtual reality.

Kian Saemian, Senior Manager Business Development at Mackevision, will hold his keynote speech about “Shared Studio VR” on December 13. He will present a range of application examples and provide insights into the use of VR technologies in the automotive industry. In addition, he will also illustrate how Mackevision enables premium automotive customers to create a bridge between marketing and sales system through the use of virtual reality applications.

When and where?

Wednesday, December 13 | 2:20 2:45 p.m.  | Technical Session, 1 F. Apollon A | Hilton Tokyo Odaiba


The GPU Technology Conference has other interesting topics in store. For more info about the GTC Japan see:  

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