7. March 2018
GoodFilm and Mackevision join forces with immediate effect
The best of both worlds

Moving images thrill customers, because they have the power to transform products into experiences. As a result, across the world and in all languages and media, the demand for films for use in corporate brand communications is on the increase. In the automotive industry in particular, companies are making more and more use of the combination of real-world and 3D images in their launch events for new models and brands. Complex processes and hidden properties can be explained and revealed using visualization, ingeniously eliminating restrictions that would otherwise be imposed on filming – be they of a physical nature or due to vehicles not being available or still under wraps. Vehicles or no vehicles, the films need to be so well made that the customer cannot distinguish between digital and real and feels the full emotional impact. Which means that the very highest level of technological know-how and expertise in both worlds is indispensable today.   

A portfolio of trailblazing services

To meet these high expectations on the part of domestic and foreign automakers, the CGI experts at Mackevision have joined forces with film production company GoodFilm. Together, the two companies have already successfully created several films for renowned automobile manufacturers. The aim of both companies is to combine filmed footage with high-end 3D animation, thereby providing their joint customers with a key to effective marketing. The strategic partnership with GoodFilm has expanded Mackevision’s portfolio to include the creation and production of high-end corporate and product films and moving image material for trade fairs, events, web specials and interactive applications. For GoodFilm the partnership provides access to complex and trailblazing technologies from the CGI sector, as well as, just recently, access to Accenture’s extensive network.


Launching into a new future

Upon closing between Accenture and Mackevision, Alexander Klingler and Joachim Lincke were appointed Managing Directors of GoodFilm GmbH. Until then, Alexander Klingler had already successfully managed the business of GoodFilm GmbH in his capacity as Managing Partner. From now on, in addition to his role as Member of the Board of Mackevision Medien Design GmbH, Joachim Lincke will also be responsible for the management of GoodFilm GmbH, where he will contribute his expertise as COO of Mackevision to good effect.

“A major part of our success is based on long-term partnerships with a wide variety of film production companies, because constantly realizing new and creative solutions together with our partners is what drives us,” says Lincke. “In such a dynamic market that is subject to ongoing change at national and international levels, maintaining a diverse range of partnerships is essential. This is the only way for us to successfully implement the ideas of our customers and meet their high expectations.”

Setting out the benefits of the takeover by Accenture, Alexander Klingler adds: As part of Accenture Interactive, we can place our expertise at the disposal of Accenture’s vast portfolio of clients, meeting the demand for high quality, emotion-charged films. For us, being a partner in a major network means stability and planning security, without being dependent on individual key accounts.” 

For customers from the automotive sector, collaboration with Mackevision and its partners not only opens the door to professional product visualization but also ensures harmonized and integrated brand and product communications across all channels and national borders.

Brand communications with high-end visualization solutions

One striking example here is provided by collaboration on the Toyota Auris Hybrid product film. In this case, the teams from Mackevision and GoodFilm faced the challenge of realizing extremely difficult and complex visualizations and delivering on the customer’s expectation of photorealistic CGI shots. The two-minute film was shot in South Africa. With the vehicle itself still firmly under wraps, Mackevision and GoodFilm were nevertheless able to stage the shoot in the normal way and with the necessary creative latitude using the predecessor model. Then, at the post-production stage, the model used for filming was replaced by its successor, the Toyota Auris Hybrid, plus the Touring Sports version. To ensure flawless realization of the project, GoodFilm called on the team from Mackevision to produce the photorealistic 3D animation sequences for the film.

During development of the Mackevision Motionbox, GoodFilm was responsible for part of the shooting for the driving scenarios. Motionbox permits high quality driving films to be produced directly and efficiently. The stage is set for the vehicles with a combination of high-end, pre-produced footage and customized CGIs. The film material pre-produced by GoodFilm offers a worldwide selection of driving scenarios, enabling the car to be shown against different backdrops. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming and costly shooting otherwise needed for a multifaceted product film.

The partnership between the two companies clears the way for high-end film production. And now, as part of Accenture Interactive, the teams can realize exciting new projects and, with a major partner at their side, focus more strongly than ever on innovation and creativity.

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