9. May 2018
Future Automotive Retail – Mackevision at Car Symposium Beijing

On 26th April, the 4th Car Symposium was officially held in Beijing, China with more than 500 participants from various enterprises. The event featured keynotes from industry leaders, panel discussions and workshops on important topics. Highlight of the event was the interview with Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche as well as the opening speech of Freeman Shen, Founder and CEO of WM brand, an electric vehicle start-up.

On a joint booth with Accenture Interactive, Mackevision presented its own real-time showroom applications with Ferrari and the Mercedes Benz E-Class as examples.

Beatrix C. Frisch, General Manager of Mackevision China, gave a presentation titled “Digital Content for Digital Point of Sale” at one of the workshop sessions around the topic of “Future Automotive Retail” and joined the panel discussion session afterwards.

In Frisch’s speech, she emphasized the concept of the “Connected Retail Experience”, which forms the basis of the seamless customer journey. Beatrix Frisch also pointed out that customization would be the trend of future automotive retail.

One of the other keynote speakers mentioned that used-car retail sale represents an important proportion of the German car retail market. Beatrix Frisch said: Digital Twin forms the basis for true Digital Lifecycle Management. The Digital Twin can be used beyond new car retail in customer services and the used car business.

At the panel discussion session, participants discussed hyper-personalized and future automotive retail. Topics included how to offer highly personalized customer services along the customer journey, as well as how digital visualization can boost budget efficiency throughout the whole life cycle of a product and not only in retail.

Panel members included representatives from DAT Group, MCON Group and the Automotive Institute of National Open University in Beijing.

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