12. April 2018
FMX 2018: VFX and real-time applications from Mackevision
  • Mackevision is a key partner of the FMX 2018 and sponsors the Automotive Dinner at the Porsche Museum
  • Mackevision’s VFX and film experts demonstrate their experience in the film and automotive industry: Visual effects for “Jim Button” and the creation of the product film for the Porsche “Mission E Cross Turismo”
  • Visitors to the Recruiting Hub can experience the new Ferrari Real-time application live

Stuttgart, April 12, 2018 – The FMX opens its doors in Stuttgart on April 24. This is the international conference for digital entertainment and interactive visualization technology. As a key partner, Mackevision Medien Design GmbH presents new projects from the automotive sector and the international film industry.  This year, the conference participants can look forward to a presentation by VFX-Supervisor Juri Stanossek discussing the live-action version of the classic Augsburger Puppenkiste production “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver”. Stanossek’s team for the automotive industry demonstrates their expertise with a product film for the launch of the Porsche “Mission E Cross Turismo”.


“In our lectures and at the Recruiting Hub, we once again proudly present the projects that strongly reflect the synergies of our technological expertise with the experience of our teams from the VFX and automotive sectors“, says Juri Stanossek, explaining Mackevision’s participation this year. The “Mission E Cross Turismo” from Porsche was one of THE highlights at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. For the launch, Mackevision depicted the interior and exterior of the not yet existing and driveable vehicle in the post-production. The specified timeline of only five weeks from the beginning of production represented a major challenge for both the shooting and the shot production. “More than 25 employees were involved in the photorealistic implementation of the project”, explains Juri Stanossek.


Mackevision was responsible for the realization of a number of visual effects in the ambitious and complex project “Jim Button and Luke the Engone Driver.” “Lummerland was constructed at the Filmpark Babelsberg and the desert sequences were shot in Cape Town. The Mandala scenes were shot in a hall with green screens. We created the rest here at the Bosch-Areal in Stuttgart. Grand houses with colorful flags and the lanterns, the palace and even adding the small children of the children’s children”, says Juri Stanossek, describing the project.

Mackevision’s experts will also provide additional insights behind the scenes during the FMX 2018 at the Recruiting Hub. In addition to a new show reel, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the new Ferrari real-time application. The application is a configurator based on a game engine that will be provided locally by Ferrari dealers worldwide. In future, Ferrari’s entire model portfolio will be configurable in real time and with previously unmatched visual quality. The application offers Ferrari dealers the greatest possible flexibility during sales talks. The individually configured vehicle can be observed from every angle, including the interior and exterior, close-ups, and even day and night views are possible. As a result, customers can immediately see what their future vehicle will look like. Visitors to the Recruiting Hub can experience how this feels live.

Experts from Mackevision will also be attending the Automotive Dinner at the Porsche Museum, which takes place on the first evening of the FMX week. “We are looking forward to talking with customers, creative minds and colleagues from the industry in person in a relaxed atmosphere – surrounded by the unique ambience of the Porsche Museum” says Juri Stanossek happily.


Keynotes during the FMX 2018

Tuesday, April 24, Meidinger-Saal, 12:00 p.m. – 1 p.m.
“Porsche E-Performance: How VFX accelerates automotive productions”
David Anastacio (Mackevision), Prof. Juri Stanossek (Mackevision), Dominic André Bitu (Mackevision), Gus Martinez (Mackevision)

Thursday, April 26, König-Karl-Halle, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
“Jim Button & Luke the Engine Driver”
Dennis Gansel, Frank Schlegel, José Manuel Weil (Scanline), Prof. Juri Stanossek (Mackevision), Andreas Giesen (RISE), Jan Adamczyk (Trixter)

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Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo
Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

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