20. February 2018
Five Realities That Will Change The Way You See Your World
A special presentation sponsored by Mackevision

On March 1, Mackevision will host an event under the headline “Five Realities That Will Change The Way You See Your World” to industry executives and thought leaders in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. It will provide unique insights into new technologies and best practices senior executives need to deliver more engaging consumer experiences globally.


Under the title “Five Realities That Will Change The Way You See The World” Mackevision will host an event in Birmingham, Michigan, USA on March 1, to provide unique insights into new technologies. The event will be targeted toward the needs of future focused senior level executives seeking to evolve customer experiences they provide in the market to the emerging needs of today’s generation of consumers.

As a U.S. industry event, this special presentation will introduce OEM executives to Mackevision. “We’ve really developed immensely as a company and there are so many companies in our eco system – in our local region, our extended region and our extended geography – who have not had the opportunity to see how far Mackevision has come and how mature our solutions are today” says Greg Melling, Senior Vice President of Mackevision Detroit.

The event will feature several keynote speakers who are close to Mackevision’s advanced technology and platform solutions; and who will share their unique industry insights with attendees.

Armin Pohl, CEO of Mackevision, will start off the event with his keynote “To Create Reality” to provide context for the occasion and to demonstrate why Mackevision as a company stands so passionately behind its motto.

Heiko Wenczel, President Mackevision Corporation, will reveal the power of storytelling through Mackevision’s visual effects portfolio and the making of Game of Thrones.

Afterwards, Jared van Fleet, Director of New Business at Fake Love, an agency that sits within the New York Times, will examine experiential media and how interface innovation is influenced by product complexity.

Scott D. Lange, Group Creative Director at Google Inc., will also join the event with a keynote concerning the topic of “efficient brand management across global channels” and share how Google is thinking about content.

General Manager at Unreal Engine Enterprise, Marc Petit, will follow with insights into the evolution of Virtual and Augmented Reality and how it influences consumer behavior.

The event will culminate with David Bianciardi, Founder and Principal of the company AV&C, a globally recognized experience design studio that creates digital landmarks. David will share case studies illustrating how creating powerful connected retail brand experiences drives consumer engagement globally. 

“All speakers are well aligned to share some of the positive elements of the Mackevision portfolio in the context of their talks”, says Greg Melling, adding: “Ideally, we want our customers and attendees to leave the event, saying to themselves: ‘Wow, I had no idea that Mackevision has these capabilities!’”.

When and where?

Thursday, March 1 | Mackevision presents “Five Realities That Will Change The Way You See Your World“| The Townsend Hotel, Birmingham, Michigan, USA

Executive Invitation only, contact Mary Mahrle:
(248) 656-6566 x 200 |

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