Hyundai: Customized solution for worldwide use

The challenge: Creating a single brand identity across all countries and channels

The process of interaction between brands and target groups is becoming more and more important. In the age of digitalization, brands and consumers can connect at all times and in all places, inspiring and learning from each other. Which explains the growing significance of digital channels in brand communications. Companies that offer their customers a cross-medial, international product experience can thrill them in an unprecedented emotional and innovative way. To attain this goal and deliver an emotion-packed and harmonized product experience for its customers, automaker Hyundai Motor Company opted for an innovative high-end solution with an automated media pipeline for worldwide, uniform image creation.

The solution: High-end image material tailored to fit different markets

This global automaker has implemented a unique digital image generation process, making Hyundai Motor Company one of the first vehicle manufacturers to serve up a uniform image in all its campaigns, across all countries and channels. Hyundai Motor employees and agencies can use “E-Photo” to generate photorealistic 3D images of their vehicles for print, online or outdoor advertising. With E-Photo, Hyundai Motor can create images of all its models in any configuration and resolution for its sales and marketing campaigns. This way, the company ensures uniform worldwide communications and can supply its various media channels in an efficient and targeted manner.

“By introducing E-Photo, Hyundai Motor is aiming to optimize internal procedures as well as eliminating sources of error and redundant effort across our sites around the world. Thanks to our collaboration with Mackevision, irrespective of time and place we can now offer our customers the uniform, high quality brand and purchasing experience they expect from us.”

Minsoo Kim, Director of Brand Strategy Group with Hyundai Motor Company

Making it happen: Customized solution for effective visualization workflow

Based on the “Picture Shooter” from Mackevision, E-Photo is a customized solution designed and implemented for Hyundai Motor. This involved docking Picture Shooter onto the company’s existing systems landscape, with direct links to the “Single Sign-on” authentication process, to the logistics database, and to the ERP and content management systems.

At the heart of the media pipeline is an application called “Configuration Backbone”. This supports the definition of rules governing which variants of a model can in fact be supplied and thus which virtual images are actually required. The different models are then made available in the Picture Shooter application.

Highly realistic, automatically configurable representations of every vehicle in the Hyundai fleet are generated. Users can then combine these with a variety of backgrounds and a large number of interior and exterior views. With E-Photo, all sales and marketing channels can be catered for in a targeted way, across the full breadth of the product portfolio. One after another, all Hyundai vehicles are being made available as virtual models. The automaker is currently being looked after by 46 Mackevision employees based locally in Seoul. 

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